3 Ways to Extend Your Web Hosting to China

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This article will analyze 3 key factors that blocks Chinese to purchase web hosting service from US companies. We also give out some example about which US web hosting service providers have make the progress to attract more sale from China.

China is a growing market,Guest Posting everyone want to win the customers there. Not like some other commercial companies which are restricted by export or import law, web hosting as a service, you can sell it all around the world online, and China is included definitely.

To win the customers there look easy. A web hosting package which cost you $100 per year from Chinese web hosting service provider, you will get about 250M disk space and 1 G bandwidth.  But what you can get from US service provider, 300G disk space, 3000G bandwidth. It looks quite attractive, right? And another factor pushes Chinese to use US web hosting service is that the service of Chinese web hosting provider are quite worse.

But winning the customer in China is not an easy thing even most of the Chinese web site master know the great value price of US web hosting package and the great service they can get. So, what are the obstacle there.

First is about the payment method, most of the web hosting companies provides the payment method like Credit Card or Paypal, but both of two are not popular in China. For credit card, Chinese are still not comfortable with the security to give those information online and money will be charged without a password. And for Paypal, eBay create a new e-wallet web site in China which is totally different with Paypal, and this is failed in China (it’s beated by a Chinese local company). So, who has done great job in adding more payment options in their checkout process, that’s Lunarpages, the most amazing thing is that Lunarpages can support the payment like Debit Card used in China. So, there is no surprised that Lunarpages have won a lot of customers from China.

Secondly, most of Chinese customer will have to purchase a Dedicated IP eventually since it’s quite common that the IP of their web server are banned by Chinese government due to some illegal web site are created in the same IP. Right now, only IXWebHosting provide free Dedicated IP with fast connection, which has brought IXWebHosting considerable customers from China and it’s another winner here.

Last one is about the connection speed, since when Chinese host their web site in US, their target visitor might still come from China. A fast speed is what they expect. According to a survey I have done in China, BlueHost and HostMonster provide the fastest connection for Chinese customer. This is might not true, but if we only look at the market segment like shared web hosting or low cost web hosting, I believe HostMonster and BlueHost have done great job so far.

So, according to above analysis, Lunarpages, IXWebhosting, BlueHost, and HostMonster have become the biggest winner in Chinese web hosting market. And what about the other web hosting service provider, do you want to win the customers from China? If yes, you need to take action now: add more payment method, provide dedicated IP and increase the connection speed between China and your data center. The earlier you do it, the more you will win.

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