Choose Web Hosting - 3 Cash Factors in Web Hosting Guaranteed to Make Your Website Profitable

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Why are some websites making a lot more money than others? Mainly because they're hosting their websites with a web hosting service that carries these 3 factors. What are they? Read to find out now...

Few webmasters ever realize the importance of these 3 factors when choosing a web hosting service to host their websites.
Instead,Guest Posting they got blinded by the low price smoke screen that in most cases, renders them a service that gives them chronic migraine, every now and then.
Don't commit the mistake they made. If you want your website to turn into a booming online business, you must swim out to get a web host that comes with these 3 money factors.
The Need for Speed
When you get on a site that loads like tortoise, you'll definitely get pissed off and off you go - you'll jump over to another site that loads faster. Right?
Similarly, if your site loads slowly and you put your website visitors waiting, you'll lose them faster than you blink your eyes.
As such, don't compromise this factor when you choose / buy web hosting service.

Tip: When targeting local market, say, UK, you might like to go with your local web host, which in general will load your site faster on your local visitors' monitors due to proximity than hosting your site at US. But when targeting worldwide audience, then you should go with a US based web host - few powerful ones can even load your site super fast on several far locations beyond their US regions.

More Bandwidth = More Traffic

In the context of web hosting, bandwidth defines the amount of traffic allowed to visit a website.
As a new website owner, you may not hit the bandwidth limit so easily. But what about few months later when your online business begins to get off the ground and the number of your website visitors start to blow up like balloon? 100MB per month would no longer suffice.
You would need a greater bandwidth then. 10GB... 100GB... why not choose unlimited instead?
Unlimited bandwidth means you can drive as many traffic as you wish for all they care, and you need not fear you would hit the ceiling. You won't.
Few reliable web hosts do come with that unlimited power, so go for it - choose unlimited bandwidth.
Note: Unlimited bandwidth and other unlimited resources usually tag along with some conditions. So read up their terms of service or policy on their sites to make sure you don't inadvertently violate the rules.
Uptime Guarantee - Don't Get Tricked!
Website uptime simply means the time during which your website remains up and running on the web.
Ideally, you would want your website uptime to stay 100% because the longer your website remains 'live' on the web, the more money you'll make. 
But unfortunately, your website may get turned off due to network or server failure, thus it becomes impossible to keep your website up and running all the time.
When you come across web hosts claiming they can offer you 99.999% or even 100% uptime guarantee, beware! They actually refer to network uptime guarantee only, NOT server uptime guarantee.
A network carries hundreds, if not thousands of servers and other peripherals.

Let's say your website server goes down, but because the whole network carries thousand other servers, so one server failure doesn't really impact the entire network operation. That means, so long as the network keeps running without fail, you don't receive any compensation. 
That means, 100% network uptime guarantee... basically any web host can say that.
But server uptime guarantee works differently and benefits you. If the server hosting your website crashes due to system error or maintenance, software / hardware upgrade or virus infection that together accumulate more than 43.2 minutes in that month, you'll receive a refund or credit compensation.
Hence, watch out for web hosting companies that play around with words. A reliable web hosting company will just state "99.9% uptime guarantee" which refers to both network and server (check with their customer support to verify).

That means, regardless of network or server that results in your website failure of more than 43.2 accumulated minutes per month, they'll refund you or give you credits with compliance to their terms of service.
Remember, the lesser the downtime for your website, the more money you can make.

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