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There are a variety of features found in any cPanel. They are so many that using all of them at one go is a daunting task. 

There are a variety of features found in any cPanel. They are so many that using all of them at one go is a daunting task. However,Guest Posting aside from the common ones like email accounts, web traffic management and easy set up, there are others.

Hidden cPanel Features

Network tools

Finding information about your domain is necessary. It helps users find out if the DNS set up was set up properly and find out their IP addresses. These tools trace the route from the server where your website is from the computer you are using to log in to your cPanel. This means that it can be done from a different location and computer.

cPanel design features

Image manager

This little feature allows you to modify and view any images in your account. This includes changing their size, their shapes, aspect ratio, convert them into a different format or simply view them using the image manager. This tool if used to the maximum can add up to the intriguing design of the site and its properties.

PHP extensions

Though this feature is found on the cPanel, it cannot work on its own. It requires that you install a PEAR package. This package is comprised of many different functions that give you the ability to work inside any PHP program.

Index manager

This manager lets you alter the way a directory appears online. It can either be in default mode, without indexes or using two kinds of indexing. While default styles are an easy selection, they are not always the best if you want to stand out from the rest.

Security cPanel Features

IP Deny Manager

This is a security feature that allows you to restrict a number of IP addresses from gaining access to your site. This feature also gives you the option of entering a full domain name. It will then try to resolve it into an IP address and block it from your website.

Password Protect Directories

Ever wondered how to restrict people from viewing specific parts of your site? Well, password protect directories does just that. It restricts viewing of particular items by asking for a preset username and password. This locks out anyone who doesn’t know the combination hence giving you the privacy and security you desire.

HotLink Protection

This feature protects your site from direct links coming in from other websites. Links out of your site into other sites are bad. They typically suck the life out of your site and make it lose its importance to search engines. The more links coming back to your site from other sites increase your site ranking.  However, the other websites can still leave direct links to any files types that are not specified.

Leech Protection

The restricted area of your site should always just be that, restricted. This feature is beneficial to cPanel users in that it protects your restricted areas from postings and comments. It prevents users from leaving their passwords all over restricted areas. The cPanel reverts or suspends any files that may have been compromised to a choice URL.


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