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Managed Web hosting refers to the facility in which a hosting provider takes care of the client’s servers by offering a number of services, which can vary according to the nature of the host or the requirements of the client.

In some of the cases,Guest Posting the vendor provides and/or manages the hardware only, whereas in other cases, they may supply software as well. Hosting providers who offer software services are called application service providers. 

In managed Web hosting, the hosting company holds the control of the Web server and most of the hardware and operating systems. This would ensure security of the server as users will not be allowed to modify the settings of the server. Users are, however, allowed to manage their data via file transfer protocol (FTP) or other remote management tools.

In an unmanaged server, on the other hand, the user is responsible for most of the aspects of the server. The service provider simply offers the hardware, operating system and Internet, and the rest of the things are left to users. In such a service, the user is responsible for security of the Web server as well as other aspects such as setting up updates and patches as and when they happen.

The dedicated server managed by a hosting provider  Web Hosting Noida  are found to be more advantageous than a Web server that is shared by thousands of other clients. The dedicated server not only provides freedom and flexibility, but it also ensures security. Users are given unlimited options to upgrade their server in future. These types of servers are relatively faster too.

A managed Web hosting is more expensive than the shared hosting or unmanaged hosting. Even so, it makes sense to opt for managed hosting as it provides the above benefits. Companies are completely free from the task of maintaining the hardware and software. They need to only concentrate on managing their data. Many enterprises today, therefore, opt for managed hosting services.

While selecting the hosting provider, you need to have clear focus on the services you require from them. If you are a start-up business and looking to expand your business in the future, you will very much require a higher bandwidth than that you require today. In such situation, you will have to also decide on the cost of the additional bandwidth that you may add in the future as you establish your business.

A managed Web hosting provider should be able to offer 24X7 to your server. If any down time occurs, they should take the responsibility and offer you immediate alternative measures. Last, but not the least, enquire about their reputation in the market and ensure that the service is secure.

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