Starting your own web hosting company in 2021

Dec 28




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Before deciding to start your own web hosting company there are several things you must know to set yourself up for success. The market is filled with hosting companies, so preparing your business strategy and finding the resources is key to make it.


One of the first things you must do is define your goal and have a clear idea of what is needed to achieve it. How big will your hosting company be? Do you think that this will be your full-time job or you plan it as part-time extra cash income?

Making your business unique from thousands of others is probably the most difficult and crucial part. If you have experiences in this business or similar ones it will help you start things up. Do some researchers and find what can you offer that others don't. Try to find the market gaps and create a way to fill them.

Another thing you need to do before starting to deliver your hosting products to the customers is to solve the server's problem. Even it might look easier to buy and maintain your own serves,Starting your own web hosting company in 2021 Articles it's not how it looks. This requires experience and experts, plus it is very time-consuming. And at the startup, you should focus your energy and time on your services and not your servers. The best way to solve this problem is by leasing the server space from a known hosting provider company. Choose a company that has been in the market for a long time, provides good uptime, speed, and support.

To run an online business some operating mechanisms are required. You have to build a website where you can promote your products and enable the purchases. Create a customer support model to include support by phone, email, or chat. Customer accounts where they create, modify and suspend them. Define the billing and payment process for your business model that might include, automated renewals, one-time payments, and more. The customer communication support for all the processes like welcoming emails, special offers, payment reminders, and more. Doing all this requires a lot of time and effort. Thankfully there are many automated tools that can do these tasks for you. And probably the easiest way is finding a good Reseller Hosting solution.

Reseller Hosting companies will manage your business website, billing operations, and client accounts. This thanks to business management software that lets you connect your servers to use them for your client's websites. Some popular business management tools are cPanel/WHM and WHMCS. cPanel/WHM is limited: can create hosting plans for resell but you will have to do all these tasks mentioned before like billing, customer support, etc, yourself. WHMCS is more advanced: it will do lots of automated daily tasks and business operations for you. So it would be recommendable to go for a reseller hosting company that will do the integration of web hosting automation tools with VPS or dedicated hosting. This will save you a lot of time and energy to focus more on promoting your business.

One of the most popular Resellers is GoDaddy. Is most famous in the domain name industry with more than 62 million registered. But also, integrated with WHMCS offers a fast and reliable a fast and reliable hosting to resell, well-automated operations with will do all the daily tasks that are required from your hosting business from a single dashboard. This will let you have full control over the payment options, pricing, support, and more.