Clone Script marketing - Why dominate an existing niche when you can tweak things up a little

Dec 14


Ryan Malone

Ryan Malone

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A fellow webmaster, SEO enthusiast and clone script enthusiast discusses the correct and effective use of a Clone Script, and how to develop an effective online application and insert it into a market that has already been dominated with the very ideas that these scripts have been developed upon.

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Clone Script. Let me guess,Clone Script marketing - Why dominate an existing niche when you can tweak things up a little Articles you have heard that word being mentioned around the place but are not too sure what it means? Let me give you a quick summary of what a clone script is. A clone script is a web based script or source code that can be installed on a web server that acts as an imitation, or "clone" of a popular website. As an example, a publisher may want to build a social networking site in the same style as Facebook, but is not that great at coding, so they may search Google for a pre made Facebook clone script, or a MySpace clone script. In most cases, this will direct them to a clone script that is easy to install and easy to customize to their needs.


Clone Scripts are generally very easy to install, and easy to customize. In most cases, it is as simple as uploading and browsing to your html directory. In other cases you may need to create a database and link that to your newly installed script. There are various sources online to obtain these clone scripts including directories that list commercial scripts (Scripts that are not free) and a very limited number of directories that will list free scripts that have been developed as either open source applications, or with limited functionality. A lot of well known developers will also offer a web designing and customization service, however this can be very pricey at the same time.


There are plenty of considerations to be made when using a clone script, and I will stress that although creating a clone site is extremely fun and rewarding, you are facing tough competition by entering the market with a concept that has already been developed and well established. Remember, clone scripts are based on already very successful ideas that in most instances already dominate their associated niche, hence, that niche will already be dominated by a very large competitor who most likely has an extremely experienced SEO and Marketing team working in their midst. The way to earn success using a clone script is your ability to adapt to the current market, find gaps in your selected niche, and fill that gap accordingly with another well developed and unique concept. No one gains success easily creating a carbon copy of Facebook, however, an alteration of that kind of social networking could find you success very easily.


An idea that I stumbled across recently which has proven to be a success was developed from the Micro Blogging concept, with Twitter leading the way. Photo Micro Blogging. Under the name Phobos Photo Micro Blog, this idea was developed as a clone script of Twitter, but instead of publishing short bursts of text, it is designed to allow people to express themselves with the use of images. This is just one idea of how being unique in this market can bring you success, and I encourage you to try and follow suit if you choose to work with clone scripts.


With any other web publishing project where keywords and SEO determine your traffic, rankings and listing, unfortunately this is not always the case when working with Clone Scripts. An image host will almost always contain the same keywords, and will almost always fight for the same spot in search engines under the same keywords. Success when working with clone scripts comes from your ability to be unique, your ability to market and sell that idea, and your ability to adapt within the current niche to find your very own position within that niche. And if you choose not to try and create your own concept, then you could still find success, but of course this would not be cheap and would come at quite a large cost, and even then, your domination of your niche will be a constant battle.


Through this article, I don't mean to say that it is not worth working with clone scripts, personally I am a big fan of these scripts, and I even run one of the very few directories of free clone scripts that is online at the moment along with a succesful image host that is based on a well clone script. My point here is that if you are wanting to create a website that is a carbon copy of another one, use this as an opportunity to locate a hole in your chosen niche, and dominate a unique sector. Choose your keywords very carefully, market the idea, and as a by product if things were done well, watch those users come flying in. People love new ideas, and they will come if they can find you.


To summarize, I will quote something that I at least try to quote in everything that I write. In real life, the term "if you build it, they will come" is highly applicable. On the internet, what matters is what you create, and how you market it.