Enhancing Your Website's Retention Power

Jan 2


Jim Daniels

Jim Daniels

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The first paragraph of an article is a brief summary of the content, designed to capture the reader's attention. In this case, the article discusses the importance of creating a website that can retain visitors for more than a minute. It emphasizes the need to slow down the pace of 'Speed Clickers' and provide compelling reasons for them to explore the site further. The article also offers practical tips on how to achieve this.

The Misnomer of 'Web Surfers'

The term 'Web Surfer' is somewhat misleading. The majority of internet users don't leisurely browse the web. Instead,Enhancing Your Website's Retention Power Articles they engage in a frantic search for specific information, clicking from one link to another. A more apt term might be 'Speed Clickers.'

The Importance of Slowing Down Your Visitors

Understanding the behavior of these 'Speed Clickers' is crucial for any webmaster. The challenge is to provide compelling reasons for visitors to slow down as soon as they land on your site. Failing to do so risks losing potential customers. The first step towards converting a visitor into a subscriber or customer is to slow them down and encourage them to stay longer on your site.

How to Slow Down 'Speed Clickers'

Once you've ensured that your website loads quickly and looks professional, the next step is to post a 'slow down' sign on your main page. This doesn't mean using clichéd 'under construction' signs. Instead, it involves grabbing your visitors' attention with a compelling reason to explore your site further. This is best achieved not with fancy graphics or technology, but with the most powerful tool at your disposal - words.

Understanding Your Visitors

Before crafting catchy headlines or attention grabbers, it's important to understand why these 'Speed Clickers' are visiting your site. As a webmaster, it's your responsibility to know what your prospects are thinking and searching for. Most of these visitors should be looking for the very things your business offers. To help identify these, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the main benefits your prospects and customers get from doing business with you rather than the competition?
  • Are your prices the cheapest?
  • Is your selection the largest?
  • Do you offer a unique technology?
  • Do you cater to a special niche market?
  • Do you offer free assistance others can't?

If you can't identify at least one main benefit, it's time to incorporate one into your business. This is not only crucial for your success, but it's also the only way to slow down 'Speed Clickers' - by telling them their benefits as soon as they arrive.

Putting Your Benefits into Action

Once you've identified your main benefits, it's time to put them into action. Frame these benefits into a sentence and display it prominently on your homepage. For instance, a website offering online marketing assistance might say, "Visitors to our site receive high-quality, no-nonsense online marketing assistance from a team with extensive experience in web marketing."

Creating Your Own 'Slow Down' Sign

I encourage you to create your own 'slow down' sign for your website. If you're struggling, reach out to your best customers and ask them why they choose to do business with you. Their feedback could provide the compelling reason your homepage needs to retain visitors.

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