Finding Magento Developers Who Won’t Let You Down

Jun 8


Anas Jafri

Anas Jafri

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Although Magento is quite user-friendly, there are times when you need a Magento Developer to step in and solve a problem. Maybe you want to fix an issue with your latest attempt at multi channel selling or maybe your store design needs tweaking. The last thing you want is to hire someone who doesn’t perform, wasting your time and money in the process.


So what can you do to find the right person or company for the job? Keep in mind that when dealing with individual Magento developers,Finding Magento Developers Who Won’t Let You Down Articles you can’t expect them to be experts at every aspect of the platform. So you need to find someone who can meet your specific needs. The alternative is going with a company like 1 Digital Agency that offers the complete range of services.

Where to Look

If we ask, how you would search for a Magento developer, most of you would say start with a Google search. But there are so many developers out there that it becomes almost impossible to narrow down the field. So how can you make separate the meat from the bone?

You can only find the right Magento developer if you know where to look. The best place to start would be the Magento website itself. Magento has a strong community of partners with expertise in every aspect of the platform. The fact that someone is a Magento partner means that they are certified and trained to be. This makes them more reliable than the rest.

Of course, Magento partners could turn out to be too expensive for you. If that is the case, you can reach out to your friends and family to see if they can recommend someone. Going with a Magento developer that a friend trusts is always better than trying to find one in the classifieds. If that doesn’t work, you can always turn to freelancing sites or online job portals.

What to Look For

Once you have a few Magento developers in mind, it’s now time select one. Make sure that your developers have the expertise to do the job required of them. Find out if they can work with the framework of your store? Are they comfortable with doing what you require? Consider how much time it should take to complete the job.

Some developers might not have the expertise to deal with your problem or won’t have the time for it, while others might not be keen on taking on smaller projects. Contact your prospective developers and see if they can take you on as a client.

Ask for references. Check out their portfolio where possible. When dealing with Magento developers who have look promising but don’t have the experience, ask them to complete a test project for you.

The Best Magento Developer in the US

1 Digital Agency is a certified Magento partner and a full-service eCommerce agency. Our aim is to help your business reach its maximum potential and we do this without charging a premium for our services. You pay for what you get, and you get top-of-the-line service every time. We make it our business to know every little detail about Magento, and if you go with us, you can be sure that your Magento store is in good hands. Call us toll free on 888-982-8269 or contact us for more information.