How to add photos to 5, 10 or 100’s of web pages and articles in a flash

Mar 2


Daniel Punch

Daniel Punch

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Web design and development has come a long way since the days of static webpages.

The new world of Web 2.0 and advanced search engine algorythmns require webmasters to provide striking content that will generate hundreds of in-bound links but also make visitors stop and spend their time with the content. No more can webmasters rely on pages stuffed with keywords and mediocre content – people can choose from billions of pages and with broadband connections that can quickly and easily move on. To make a strong impact and encourage visitors to comment and spend time with the page or to encourage in-bound links,How to add photos to 5, 10 or 100’s of web pages and articles in a flash Articles webpages need photographs. Photos raise the quality and appearance of an article keeping the prospective reader for those extra vital seconds to engage them in reading the page. Finding web photographs can be very difficult.

Some stock exchanges offer free photos, but they are all high resolution and require the webmaster to download, resize, alter and upload the photo.

It can take hours to find a good photo and if you have 5, 10 or 100’s of pages this can consume an incredible lot of time. A better way to add photographs to 100’s of web pages and articles is to sign up with a service like

This is a Photo Library for webmasters with a lot of content,  to make it easy to add a photo to every page and also create a link between the photographers gallery and every web page.

This creates an automatic relationship where a link to the web page is automatically created in the Photographers’ gallery, providing another place to promote the web page and/or article.

Most stock exchange services are for the benefit of the graphic designers and web designers. Services like are designed for the benefit of the webmaster as well as the photographer.

Plinkme has several benefits over traditional services.

The first is the way it puts photographs on the webpage. The webmaster copies and pastes a small piece of code on the page.

The code chooses a picture based on keywords or category, and then displays it on the website.

The webmaster doesn't need to worry about sizing or resolution.

A writer or webmaster can populate 5, 10 or 100’s of pages in an instant with little effort.

The Plinkme code encourages relationship by adding links to the photographer's website and in turn creating a link from the photographer's gallery to the webpage hosting the photo. The Plinkme photo also keeps the page fresh and relevant to visitors.

Today's content websites are demanding.

The code from a site like Plinkme is JavaScript, so it will fit on any type of webpage, dynamic or static.

Webmasters and article writers can use the code from a category and have plinkme select a photo automatically from the category. This is great for large content sites or article sites where the webmaster or writer can quickly pop the code in the dynamic page, passing in a category name and 100’s or thousands of pages can appear with a relevant photo, creating hundreds or thousands of links back to the pages.

However, Plinkme also understands that there are some hands-on webmasters who will not be interested in having the code select their photographs.

That is why they include a self serve feature.

The webmaster can select the images they prefer, and then copy and paste the code for that specific image to a particular webpage. There are many photo services on the internet, but Plinkme has gone the extra step to help webmasters. They understand how important in-bound links are, and they include an inbound link from the Plinkme gallery to every article or web page that uses a photo from a Plinkme photographer.

A large content based website can generate hundreds or more in-bound links, just by adding plinkme photographs to their webpages and articles. The best thing about Plinkme is that it is free. This makes the service accessible to small and non-commercial websites and article writers.

Increasing content almost daily, and updating search engines, is only half of the secret to success.

There is so much content on the internet now, and so many webmasters claiming to be experts.

It is difficult to make visitors stop and read an article. Encouraging them to finish reading the article and comment or follow through further on the site can be almost impossible. That is why webmasters are adding photographs to articles instead of just offering up a page of text.

It’s a well known fact that Photographs will increase a visitors attention to a page and it’s this extra attention that is critical to being able to engage the visitor in your content. Plinkme makes it easy to add a photo to a page one by one or quickly place a photo in hundreds of pages all by using a small piece of JavaScript code. Very quickly with little effort and no cost you can raise the attention span of your pages and create more inbound links to your web pages and articles in a few minutes with