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Amara Flash News Ticker is a new software program that enables users to quickly create ... ... news tickers. Users just follow a few simple steps, and Amara Flash News Ticker ...

Flash News Ticker
is a new software program that enables users to quickly
create vertically scrolling news tickers. Users just follow a few simple steps,Guest Posting
and Amara Flash News Ticker instantly creates a Flash new ticker that they can
then easily insert into their website. No programming skills or knowledge of
Flash is needed - the program does all the work.

With Amara
Flash News Ticker
, website owners, creators and webmasters now have an inexpensive
and very easy-to-use tool with which they can add a very professional-looking
and highly functional scrolling news ticker to their site. Because they can
make it their preferred size and use their website's color scheme, the news
ticker can be completed integrated into any web page. And users can create as
many news tickers as they like, and update them as often as they like. Amara
Flash News Ticker offers true value for money.

Flash News Ticker
's intuitive user-interface hardly needs explaining. Users
can add a new news item, type their text, and include a hyperlink to each of
the news items. They can choose from a long list of font type faces and use
their own preferred colors and sizes for the news items - all the same or all
different, it's up to them. They can choose the background and border color,
as well as the mouse-over colors for the news items.

The news ticker has various settings for scrolling speed, from fast to slow,
and it can be set to pause from one to many seconds between the different news

Flash News Ticker
saves the user's creation and gives it as an HTML code
which can then easily be copied and pasted into the user's website. It is compatible
with all commonly-used HTML editors. The user's settings are also saved within
the program, so the news ticker can simply be opened again later to make changes
or additions.

Flash News Ticker
is a shareware program, so anyone who is interested can
first try out the free version before buying it. The unregistered version can
be downloaded for free from the Amara Flash Software website, but any creations
will contain a visible watermark. Users who want to save news tickers created
with Amara Flash News Ticker to use it on their website need to purchase the
registered version of the program. It is available for only US$19.95 via Amara
Flash Software
's website.

More information about Amara Flash News Ticker is available from the website,
where you can also see a working example of a news ticker created with the program.

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