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The problems should have been placed properly into their levels to know which problems are specific to web programming. The web programmers must do this work uninterruptedly by understanding the nature of these problems.

A fantastic pace has been noticed in the web sector. As a result,Guest Posting various definite standards and techniques are emerging. Every time there is an improvement, the web site design and applications grow complex, and there is a subsequent impact in the common web programming too.


Several web programmers face this problem while making a website.


Web programming requires expertise on many different levels. Skills in user interface design, human machine interaction, information design, scripting, code library development, database design and database queries are some of the important facets that are supposed to be had in a smart database programmer. In many or all of these levels a web programmer can face problems, and any web pattern needs to have explained the design considerations across any or all of these levels.


As such we need to be able to find a programmer who is aware of the problems area and can implement the required solutions. The programmer jobs include the solution of the problems originated in the day to day web programming. But first we must know the places where the problems usually occur.


The Problems Area


Form processing:


Form processing is the first step to record the problem of getting and verifying input from a user. It is the main part of all web applications, though there are many different approaches for solving this problem available to the web developer.


The basic method remains the same other than the actual content being entered. All forms should:


•           Show an empty form to the user

•           Confirm the data entered to be valid and depict an error if it is incorrect

•           Perform the required action by the use of the data


Using either a single or multiple page design forms can be implemented. A self-referring script is needed for the single page technique, while the user can enter, confirm and submit the data through multi-page forms.


Navigational Structure:


A consistent look and feel is established by a clean, structured navigation and information design. Users can easily find their location in the sites through a proper navigation system.


There are at most three kinds of navigational structures:


  • Single level navigation carries a list of top level areas.
  • The user can then drill down through the different hierarchical parts that the multi-level navigation has created, and they can find their desired content. Generally the hierarchy is two level deep to keep the display simple.


  • Third navigational structure is the dynamic multi-level navigation that uses a hierarchy. Here the user after selecting the parent can be able to see the next level of navigation.


Database Operations


Accessing database is a fundamental problem for web developers. It is a common problem for the  While entering the data into the database and editing entries through specific functions or an abstracted database wrapper, most of the times the data is found to be erroneous; this makes it a good candidate for pattern. Nearly all the programmers including php programmer, java programmer, sql programmer and asp .net programmer make this phase as an essential part for a smooth running of any database design. They make a user interface design to clear the process.


At a higher-level many objects or items, the data used is captured by a row in the database. Here exists a common problem for the web programmers creating a set of useful functions and information based on these items.


Authentication Problems


The authentication phase needs to be revised properly with the different levels of a cheap programming. Several familiar mistakes have been there in these levels, and we are to solve them without any delay.


  • The web programmers do nothing as to record or track any request to authentication in the None Level.
  • In the Session Level the web programmers used to track this anonymous person by the current visit only.
  • Another problem is there while tracking the anonymous person across numerous sessions in the web site in the Visitor Mode.
  • We must authenticate the person when we finally have the User with the relevant information.


These levels should be thoroughly checked up and similar other implementations should be necessitated if need be. The above levels should be considered together while in case of authentication.


Error Handling


It is a great challenge to build graceful degradation into a website. It is a vital job to hire programmers who can catch the errors before they confuse the users. By logging and notifying the errors a professional coder can prevent these errors to happen again.


Keeping the site alive even if components are off-line, the database programmers can handle any error problem by serving the database requests in the backed-up database that is read-only also.


E-commerce Problem


Using form and authentication any problem in the E-commerce can be easily solved if it is detected earlier. Only, a particular pattern independent on a particular implementation of forms or authentication is to be built. But first an interaction is to be done with the user and backend processing of the data.

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