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How much time does you spent for your Content for your Website? A perfect Software package is now on the Internet Market and makes our life easier than ever before. How you will have all control about your Websites

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Mike Sander,Guest Posting an old Internet Marketing Expert has made a review about the new InstantNicheContent - which was coming in the last weeks on the market.

The Instant Niche Content Program offered at “” comprises eight distinct software programs that work synergistically to create website pages quickly and easily. For webmasters looking to attract traffic to their website and make money from Adsense and affiliate programs, constantly updated content is a must. The problem is, creating that content either takes a great deal of time or costs a lot of money when someone else is paid to create it. The Instant Niche Content Program offers a viable solution to this problem. It is designed to take the time and cost out of creating website pages full of new content.

Each of the eight distinct software programs making up the package, were designed to create web pages that can produce an income. A particular benefit of the software is that you provide the content (with help) and the template to make each web page unique. The Instant Niche Content Program makes it possible to quickly add complete public domain eBooks, affiliate products, articles, data feeds and private label content to your website with ease.

The software programs included in this package are:

•           Affiliate CC (converts the Clickbank product listing into web pages)

•           Article Import

•           Affiliate Account Checker

•           PLR Articles CC

•           Datafeed CC

•           Link Rotator

•           Affiliate Calculator

•           Public Domain CC

For example, the Instant Niche Content Program allows you to add a WordPress blog through data feed that can post articles to your website according to your requirements.

You can also create your own store using this software package or a directory of affiliate products that can be used as keywords for distinct web pages as well as products to sell.

You can create links in your articles or blogs to appropriate affiliate products using your affiliate ID.

Instant Niche Content software simplifies the process of making your website profitable. There are a number of affiliate programs which can be accessed through the software including Clickbank and Share-a-sale.

The price for these eight programs is only $153 and includes a sixty day money back guarantee. This makes the purchase risk free.

You can use the program and fill your website up with niche content for free, if you decide after sixty days that it doesn't meet your needs.

Especially fair conditions for the buyer!

Your money is refunded, no questions asked. It is hard to see a downside.


Instant Niche Content is user friendly and doesn't require a great deal of time to figure out and use. It is more than content building software, it is a website building program that is sensitized to the requirements of search engines as well as optimized for revenue. Nevertheless, there is a direct benefit just regarding content. Compared with the cost of purchasing PLR articles or paying a writer to create new content regularly for you, the one-off cost of $153 for this program is minimal. When you take advantage of the other elements of the program and optimize your website for revenue and combine every new page with ads and affiliate products, you will soon see why this program is an excellent value. It is a small investment compared to the potential profits.

I give them 5 stars!


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