Tips For Starting Your Own Running Blog

Oct 25




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Five top tips for anyone thinking of starting their own running or training blog.

So Why Did I Decide to Start A Running Blog?!

Running a blog was one thing that I nevergenuinely thought about until a handful of months ago when I picked up a annoying hip injury. Relegated to the house with no way of participating in my chosen sport of working for a good 12 months or so,Tips For Starting Your Own Running Blog Articles I made the decision that instead of moping around and feeling sorry for myself I would take action and begin my individualJoggingWeblog. Not only was this a great way for me to keep myself amused and occupied, soon after the initialcouple of articles I noticed that I actually knew fairlya whole lot about jogging, and running a blog was a perfect way for me to pass on my know-how to others. Even though I couldnt workout or directly coach other joggers down at my local working club, running a blog allowed me to spread my message out to many more runners and meet lots of fascinatingindividuals a the same time.

Starting a RunningBlog

you are thinking aboutbeginningyour ownrunning, jogging or health and fitnesswebsite then I would provide you the following assistance:

certainthat you areserious about jogging - This sounds like a straightforward tip but making confidentthat you are very into your chosen soprt will allow you tonot simply get though that troublesome writers block but will also help yousustain your interest in running a blog when items aren't generally going your way and say for instance your website isn't generating as many you expected

2.Get your
detailscorrect!- Should you stick with yourblogging for an extensivespan of time then eventuallyyou are going to be temptinglarge numbers of viewers to your blog. This isnt a difficulty if you are just say writing about your training goals and achievements, but should youcommence giving things like health and injury guidance out then you may possiblycome acrossoneselfgetting into trouble if you dont actually know what you are talking about! To steer clear of the headache, make certain you get your details straight proper from the word go.

Examine other blogs- Once more, this sounds like easyassistance but reading and commenting on other running or fitness blogs in your subject niche won't only give you inspiration for your personalwebsite posts but will also bring you a constant stream of site visitors and boost your rankings in Google. This is vital if you are looking to attract individualsby way of search engines which willnever have seen or heard about your websiteprior to.

4.Make it
interesting! - I've lost count of all theboring blogs that I'vevisited out there on the world wide web. You can find plenty of website writers who truly dont do themselves any favours and write submitright afteruninterestingarticle that makes me desire to go to sleep each and every time I go through it. Running and health and fitness has the added annoyance that as a subject as a entireit'sreallyuninteresting to anyone outside the business so make confident you publishone thingfascinatingwhenever you write. As an example, on my joggingblog I managed to win a competition where I met two Olympic athletes. This gave me no end of material to write intriguingwebsite posts about and meant that people kept coming back to my blog site for a lot more. Now I am not saying that youneed to go on the market and track some celebrities down, but put oneselfwithin theviewers shoes when you arecomposing your working or conditioningblog site posts and ask your selfin the event you would honestly like tobrowse what you'reposting. If the answer is no then discard it, take arestand beginonce more!

overpost- Practically nothing is worse than over blogging. Not just will it tire you out but furthermore it isnt fair on your followers who will almostundoubtedly have too much to read already thanks to their fast paced modern lives! Publish at most twice a week and trulyconsider the issuesthat you are writing about. Trust me, it will likely bemuch better for everyoneif you do!

So there you have it - My top
ideas for beginning a health or runningblog.

Good luck with your own website!

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