Webmasters Unite to Pull Plug on Scammer

Jan 28 20:07 2007 Patrick Timer Print This Article

Over a several year period, hundreds of webmasters compared notes on bad business dealings they have had. As time went on, the puzzle pieces fell into place and it seemed that there was a lone online predator scamming webmasters under different aliases. A name was finally put to this seemingly unstoppable force: David Stodghill.

As more information came to light,Guest Posting it became apparent that it was not just webmasters he was targeting. Stodghill had been concentrating his efforts into profiting from the exploitation of the misfortune and suffering of others, including Jessica Marie Lunsford and Terri Schiavo. Outraged at what they were seeing, webmasters from all over the world joined in on the manhunt for this cyber predator.

turboface.com became the lightning rod for this violent storm. This site serves as the official website detailing Stodghill's criminal activities on and offline. This situation has reached a near fever pitch.

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