10 Strategies Your Clients Must Use to be Successful as a Personal Trainer

Aug 25


Bill Yeager

Bill Yeager

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As a personal trainer by using these 10 strategies with your clients or your self you will greatly increase the chance of success.


Patterns of success became obvious,10 Strategies Your Clients Must Use to be Successful as a Personal Trainer Articles so if you want to be successful in your personal training or fitness goals, follow these 10 steps that all of the other successful people did to greatly increase your chances of reaching your fitness goals. Please understand all of these, don’t just read them but act on them.

1. Make a Real Decision

This is a conscious step, not to be taken lightly as it may very well be the most important. Don’t just say you are going to decide to change, do it actively. You will know when you’ve made a decision because your mind opens up, becomes clearer to your goals and becomes alive. It starts searching for more ways to become successful by turning into a state of desire. If you don’t feel your decision turning into a burning desire, then chances are the decision was never made.

2. Discover Your Purpose

There are many reasons why you want to or need to make a change. Find as many as you possibly can and write them down, all of them. Make sure you get very emotional; these reasons must have the power to move you emotionally.

3. Know What You REALLY Look Like

I’ve seen and heard of so many people who think they look differently than they really look. Meaning they think they look better than they really do. Stop lying to yourself. Go take a picture of yourself in a revealing bathing suit and really look at what you see in many angles. Be honest with yourself, open your eyes. As you continue towards your goals, keep taking pictures to watch yourself change.

4. Define Your Specific Goals

Know where exactly you want to go so your brain can help you get there. If you just say that you want to see where you can get or give it a try to reach your goal then the chance making a real change is slim. Stop dreaming of your goals and direct your course to go get them. You need to clearly define on paper what you want to look and feel like. When that is complete, start expecting to get there, when you put yourself in a state of expectation then your brain will make it happen. You will stop using words like “maybe I’ll get there” and start using words like “I will get there”.

5. Practice Loving and Appreciating Yourself

When you tell yourself that you are setting a goal and you don’t follow through, that is called lying to yourself, which in my opinion is worse than lying to others. If you can’t depend on yourself, how do you expect to feel confident? You won’t and I’m sure it’s a trait that you would love to strengthen. It’s time to take care of yourself mentally as well. If you don’t honor your self promises then your confidence will dwindle and turn into a lot of emptiness, uncertainty and possible even anxiety. Even if you are at that point right now, it’s easy to change, just start honoring your wishes and follow through every time, you will become more confident, energetic and stronger if you do.

6. Always Remain Focused on Your Goals

At this point you’ve already clearly defined what it is that you want. Now remember, life gets in the way. You will be distracted by all of the elements in life which certainly includes adversity. Keep your goals on paper and in images in front of you at all time where ever you go so you can stay reminded of where you WILL get to when you attain them.

7. Confront Your Fears

Many people who have trouble reaching their goals are afraid of change mostly due to lack of confidence, self esteem and scared of any “consequences” that may arise from them reaching their goals. Lets be honest, some people may be bothered that you are reaching goals because they don’t want to be left behind. These fears can paralyze you from getting to your goals. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and confront them. By doing this you will be dominate your life and fuel your confidence levels.

8. Progress Must be Measured in Every Way Possible

Many people just keep working hard eating right and exercising with their personal trainer to not see results. It doesn’t mean they aren’t there, it means they aren’t seeing them. Open your eyes to your success, there is so many ways to succeed and when you do celebrate them. Think of how much further you ran or bicycled, how much fat was lost, muscle gained, energy changes and how much stronger you’ve been getting. Progress will be made, find it.

9. Take Immediate Action

It is never going to be more right to make a change then now. Stop all the planning with when will be the perfect time. Now is the right time. Plan your start date to be immediately to keep the momentum going.

10. There’s No Turning Back

There may be times when you are feeling doubtful in spite of your efforts. Either speak to your personal trainer or dig deep to find what is wrong. Your program can be operating just fine or it can use a tune up. You may just be feeling down. If you are seeing progress every week, then it may not be the program design, it may just be in your head. Break through the barriers of this doubt and move forward, I guarantee you it will make you stronger.