5 Effective 6 Pack Tips

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These 6 pack tips will accelerate your efforts to get ripped. Simple, effective changes that will really make a difference.

Use these 6 pack tips to help you get ripped. Getting ripped isn't that complicated,Guest Posting but it can be difficult.

Simply, use these tips. They'll really help you, and I used them myself to get ripped.

1. Focus Most Of Your Energy On Your Diet

Getting a ripped 6 pack is all about having a low body fat percentage. That's it, seriously.

I don't care how muscular your are, if you have extra fat on your frame then you won't be able to get ripped. It's as frustratingly simple as that.

So, to get there focus most of your energy on your diet. Working out will help, but eating a healthy diet to lose fat will do so much more than just working out.

2. Drop Fat

Lose fat. If you can't see your abs, then you simply need to lose fat until your chiseled abs shine through.

For guys, when you get down to about 10% body fat you'll start seeing your abs. At around 8% you'll start to look ripped, and at around 5% or 6% you'll start looking like a greek god.

For ladies, these numbers are a bit higher. With these 6 pack tips, you'll be able to see your abs when you're down around 12% body fat, and you'll look really ripped at around 10% body fat.

Choose a diet and drop fat. Do it.

3. Count Your Calories

Calories count. I don't care what other marketers say to you, or what lies you've read - calories count.

To get down to a ripped six pack, you need very precise calorie control so that you lose fat without losing muscle. And really, the best way to do this is by counting the number of calories you eat.

This is a pain in the ass, but get over it. It's necessary, and if you're never counted your calories before you'll find it's a real learning experience.

4. Eat Healthy - It Actually Helps

If you eat more vegetables, you can eat a whole lot of them to get full. Without eating a ton of calories.

Most 'crappy' food is really calorie dense - doughnuts, cookies, petit fours, baklava, and honey all contain tons of calories packed into a really small space. Which makes it easy to put on weight when you're eating them.

By contrast, vegetables (and even many fruits) are much more calorie diffuse. Heck, you can eat an entire big roasted butternut squash, it'll totally fill you up, and it's only around 150 to 200 calories.

So, eating healthy actually makes losing weight easier. Rather than spending all you calories on eating a few large candy bars for breakfast, and then starving for the rest of the day.

5. Track Yourself

If it's at all possible, measure your body fat percentage. The best method is to get dunked in water (hydrostatic weighting), but even cheap plastic body fat calipers can be useful.

If you can't measure your body fat percentage at all, take weekly photos of yourself. Above all, tack your progress somehow!

Since you see yourself every day, it's easy to not notice how ripped you're getting. Tacking will show you how close to your goal body fat percentage you're getting, and that you're actually making progress. Both are great motivators!

If you want more info about how to get ripped, check out the links below. You'll find great ideas and proven methods to get ripped.

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