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Ask for what you want and then detach.  You don't know in what form the opportunity will show up; you just know it will show up.  Write down what you want and then let the Universe deliver.

Hello Divine One, 

When we are aligned with our Creator,Guest Posting then everything flows simply and easily.  We ask for what we want and then we detach. 

I would highly recommend getting the book, I’m Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams.  In it, you’ll find great information on how to attract what you desire and then learn to detach.  It’s all presented in a simple format.  Here’s some key things from the book: 

“God said, “Ask and ye shall receive.”  He did not say, “Ask and then go get it yourself.”  To receive means it is coming to you.  You do not have to catch it.  When you do not detach, you are telling God that you can do it by yourself.  

Once you have had the experience with a two-year old, you know exactly what detachment means.  Take a two-year old to any store and let her walk next to you.  What happens?  Sooner or later she will take off running the other way.  At first, you take up the chase.  You are going to catch that child and grab her hand.  But guess what? 

Two-year olds are fast and quick.  Even if you do catch her, your success is only temporary.  That ball of energy will scream and kick until you let go so she can run away again.  Your little prize is playing “chase me.”  This is not a game adults can win.  At some point, hopefully, you learn detachment.  When the child runs one way, you go the other and never look back.  Bingo!  Your two-year old will quickly stop running away from you.  In short order she will come running back to find you.   

This is exactly what you must do once you have written down what you want.  Turn away, and the things you ask for will come running to you.  Don’t wait for them to come to you in order to be happy.  Always be happy with your current situation.   

Write down what you want to have.  Think it through.  Get excited.  Feel like it is already yours.  Get enthusiastic about enjoying it.  Then do the smart thing.  Detach yourself.  Turn your back and let the Universe take over.  Want what you asked for, but stop caring if you ever get it.  You still want it.  But in your heart, you must not care if you get it or not.  

Detachment does not mean you don’t go to work.  You continue to go about your life.  You continue to take action.  The difference is now your actions are guided by the powers of the Universe.   

In nature, Universal Intelligence allows birds to thrive, grass to grow all without any special effort.  The earth itself spins and circles the sun with no help from humankind.  Nature prospers easily and effortlessly.  Humans are part of that ecosystem.  We, too, are destined to prosper easily and effortlessly.”   

WOW!  Detachment—probably the hardest thing to do, don’t you agree?   

Do you ever wonder why things seem so difficult, such a struggle?  When we’re living as if we have to control the Universe, then we are saying, “I can do this myself.”  God is saying, “Hello! You’ve asked for what you want.  Now, I will bring it to you.  Rely on me.”  

What’s more…ever met someone for the first time, and yet you felt as if you have already known him or her?  This happened to me recently.  I got connected with a wonderful woman, Dr. Tianna Conte, over the telephone.  She exuded powerful ancient wisdom and it was such a delight to talk to her. As we were discussing life, she reminded me about the KISS principle.  Only her KISS principle is this—Keep It Simply Spiritual!  Beautiful, isn’t it? 

Live each day using the KISS principle!  As you continue working towards your weight loss goals, remind yourself that each step is spiritual, which means it is easy and effortless.  God wouldn’t intend it any other way.  Write down what you want, be excited about receiving it and then detach.  God always delivers.  In fact, He is the best delivery man! 

And above all else, BE HAPPY! 

My weight loss program incorporates all of these things so that you learn how to change your thoughts.  Check out my website at and click on the butterfly to begin your transformation. 

Love and hugs, 


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