Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #52

Jul 18


Tami Close

Tami Close

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Investing in yourself is very important to achieving all that you intend. Standing up and affirming you are important will show the Universe that you are excited to receive its gifts. It's through you that everything will manifest, and performing the simple daily activities that ensures your expression of the God within is essential for creative manifestation.


Investing in ourselves—why don’t we do it?

We will put everything else first before we decide to make the investment in ourselves.  When we do this,Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #52 Articles we say, “I am last.”  What happens as a result?  We keep this pattern of behavior alive in every area of our life.  Then we wonder why things keep happening to us.

I have a client who routinely has accidents.  Finally, with this last accident she is “getting it.”  She understands that success is a system.  In order to be successful, one must keep doing the daily activities that set up a regimen, a system. 

When my client is on track, a system of investing in herself, she feels great.  When she is off track and not doing her daily work, then all sorts of things befall her, including her accident-prone nature. 

Recently, she called me and NOW “gets it.”  She knows she must set the intention that her life is important, and schedule the time to instill this in her consciousness.  She is saying, “I am important, therefore, I devote time to ensuring I am important.”

This has taken some time for her to learn this.  Together we have cleared a lot of her negative thought patterns, but the daily work, the practice, is just as important to keep reinforcing the positives.  She is ready to embark on cleansing her body as well and going to start using the cleansing and fat burning products from Isagenix.  This powerful, two-pronged approach (cleansing the body and cleansing the thoughts) will be the system that will be her life force.  Sometimes it takes a coach to help us though as self-sabotage (our EGO) can be right there waiting for us to fail.

Recently, I was listening to a teleseminar where the person was talking about Michael Jordan.  Michael said he constantly practiced (doing his daily work) to be a successful athlete.  He could not just shoot a few baskets and then go out and be a top athlete.  He had to exercise, eat right….all those components to help him be at the top of his game.  He also mentioned that he believed it was very important to have a coach to guide him in his success. 

Michael Jordan isn’t the only one who benefits from a coach.  Everyone I know who is successful in their business has a coach.   How would you benefit from having a coach?

Are you at the top of your game?

Daily work is merely practice in how to be a better person.  Using stress release techniques, exercising, eating nutritiously, cleansing the body, meditation, laughing, forgiveness…all these daily components can help us be at the top of our game.

If you find you get off track easily, perhaps you could benefit from a coach.  I can help coach you to be successful and have abundance in all areas.  Maybe you need to lose some weight, maybe you need a better relationship with your significant other and/or with your children, maybe you want more energy or less stress.  Whatever the need is, I can be the means to help you get those things.

Who do you know who is successful who doesn’t invest in himself or herself?  Be at the top of your game, and invest in yourself.

Love and hugs,


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