Warning! “Ipecac Syrup” can cause death when it used for weight loss!

Nov 6


Mahesh Bhat

Mahesh Bhat

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Warning! “Ipecac Syrup” can cause death when it used for weight ... a shame to weight loss gurus and guides. How can a weight loss guru ... “Ipecac Syrup” to loose weight? Misuse of “Ipeca


Warning! “Ipecac Syrup” can cause death when it used for weight loss!

What a shame to weight loss gurus and guides. How can a weight loss guru recommend “Ipecac Syrup” to loose weight? Misuse of “Ipecac syrup” caused a death recently.

Some eating disordered individuals participate in the dangerous activity of using ipecac syrup as a means of purging. Ipecac syrup is a plant extract from the ipecacuanha scrub found in Brazil. When ingested,Warning! “Ipecac Syrup” can cause death when it used for weight loss! Articles Ipecac syrup stimulates the central nervous system and the stomach, causing the person to vomit. Ipecac’s sole purpose is to facilitate vomiting in an individual who has ingested poison or overdosed on medication. The use of Ipecac is for a single use, and the intent is for Ipecac syrup to never to be used on multiple occasions.

Since it cause “Vomiting” some Weight Loss guru though it can help to lose weight by means of burning the fat. Burning the fat by means of vomiting! I don’t know the logic. Anyway “Ipecac Syrup” was recommended to loose weight. A over weight patient misused it. That cased death!

You can buy “Ipecac Syrup” from any of the Pharmaceutical stores without prescription. Syrup of Ipecac is for emergency use in poisoning. When it is given to a child or an adult, Ipecac syrup will cause vomiting.

Why Use Syrup of Ipecac?

The treatment for many poisonings requires removal of the toxic substance from the stomach before absorption occurs. IPECAC SYRUP is safer than many other home methods for removing these toxic substances. Sticking you finger down a child’s throat or using salt water are not as effective and can be dangerous to the victim.

What is Syrup of Ipecac?

Ipecac Syrup is a plant extract made into a syrup that when swallowed, irritates the stomach. It is an emetic made from the dried root of a plant called ipecacuanha, which is grown in Brazil. An emetic is an agent that causes vomiting.

Who Can Use It?

IPECAC SYRUP can be used effectively with adults or children. Ipecac syrup should not be used if-
•the child is under one year old;
•the person is very drowsy, unconscious, or having fits;
•the child has an unrepaired mouth defect;
•the person has a heart condition;
•the woman is in her last trimester of pregnancy.

Where Can I Buy Syrup of It?

IPECAC SYRUP may be obtained at any pharmacy. Your pharmacist is allowed to sell you one ounce (30ml) without a prescription. The syrup will keep for several years if stored at room temperature.

When Should I Use It?

IPECAC SYRUP should not be used in every poisoning emergency. All poison ingestions do not require the removal of the poison from the stomach; in some cases it can be harmful. Strong acids (such as toilet bowl cleaner) or strong alkalis (such as lye, drain or oven cleaner, or dishwasher detergent) can burn the throat ÷ and vomiting will only make the damage worse.
Use IPECAC SYRUP only if recommended by your poison center or doctor.

How Do I Use It?

For children one year of age or older:
Only give on the advice of a Poison Center or your Physician.

For Adults:
Give one tablespoon (15 ml) of IPECAC SYRUP. Follow it by at least one glass (8 ounces) of water, fruit juice or any other fluids. Have the victim drink more liquid if possible. If vomiting has not occurred within 20 minutes, the dose of IPECAC SYRUP can be repeated with more fluids. Only repeat the dosage once. If vomiting does not occur, call your poison center or doctor again. The dose of IPECAC SYRUP is different for infants, older children, and for adults. Your poison center or doctor will give you complete instructions

Normally Syrup of Ipecac should not be given at home if:

1.The patient is less than one year old or
2.Corrosives (lye, drain cleaners, oven cleaners, automatic dishwasher detergent, or other strong acids or bases) have been taken or burns are seen around or in the mouth or
3.A petroleum distillate-containing product (kerosene, gasoline, paint thinner, furniture polish, etc.) has been taken or
4.The patient is lethargic (sluggish), asleep, or comatose (unconscious) or
5.The patient is convulsing.

And finally “Ipecac Syrup” must not be used for loosing weight in any case!

Mahesh Bhat