weight loss vs Fat loss

Feb 4




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Weight loss Vs. Fat loss Which one is the best for our health? Today, we are going to discuss an interesting topic which we all of us Must have come across so many times in our lives. Most of us consider losing weight as equal to losing fat But it isn't true, as because losing weight means losing any type of weight in The body which may include losing muscle mass, water weight or body fat But when it comes to fat loss, it implies only losing weight that is caused due to body fat.

Best Weight loss treatment In Hyderabad How to build more muscle mass:

The most effective way to build muscle is to combine aerobic exercises such as running,weight loss vs Fat loss Articles cycling with resistance exercises such as weightlifting etc.

These exercises not only help you in building a solid muscle mass but also reduce the probability of developing type 2 diabetes and keep you away from other cardio vascular diseases in the long run.

We hope that this article has helped you to identify the difference between fat loss and weight loss.

Since till now, we have discussed various things about the differences between weight loss and fat loss, it's the time now to put things together in place to achieve the desired results.

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Why it is not healthy to lose more weight without losing fat?

While it is also important to maintain a healthy body weight, it will not yield

Any good results, if we keep our focus only on losing body weight rather than reducing fat content in the body

Losing weight instead of fat is not at all a healthy sign, as fat causes more health issues rather than heavy weight; hence we always should think of losing body fat instead of losing weight in the first place.

Here are a few things we must keep in our mind before we start on our work out regime to reduce our body weight. They are

*We should not lose weight that exceeds more than 2 pounds in a week.

*If we are losing weight rapidly, it won't sustain for a longer period of time

And once again, it will lead to loosing of muscle mass or water weight but not Body fat.

How to lose body fat?

The best and the most effective way to reduce body fat is to increase muscle mass in the body

Because muscles have mitochondria which are also called as the fat burners of our body.

They burn fat in order to generate energy for the body to support their metabolic activities

That's why they are also called as "powerhouses of the body"

Hence in order to lose more body fat, one has to build more muscle mass in the body.