Buckhead Roommates and Deal-Breakers

Dec 7


Abby Evans

Abby Evans

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Make lists of what you want in a roommate and what you do not want.  It will help you narrow your choices and focus on finding the perfect roommate.

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With the poor economy, it is often difficult to live by yourself.  Although you might want absolute independence, it could be financially smart (or genius!) to get a roommate to share the costs.  There are so many different things to consider when choosing a roommate.  To make sure you have a healthy home, it is best to make a checklist of things you want in a roommate and “deal-breakers.” 


It is important to keep in mind that not everyone will be able to live to your exact specifications.  Keep your mind open!  When choosing a roommate, it is important to be upfront with people.  The reason for making the “deal-breakers” list is to assess what you can and cannot live with.  If you insanely allergic to cats, for instance, it is important to make sure that your roommate does not want or already have a cat. 


Below is my list for potential roommates.  It is important for me to live in a home that is free of clutter and be able to trust my new roommate to make good decisions and respect our shared space.  Your new Buckhead apartment should be respected, after all.


My roommate should:

- have enough money to pay rent and utilities (whether it be a job, parental support or sugar daddy)

- be clean 

- have transportation

- willing to help with household chores

- be trustworthy



- smokers

- rock musicians (normally they’re just not as good as they believe at 2am)

- insane partiers

Obviously, your list could be totally different.  Maybe you love smoking rock musicians!  Just remember to choose a neighborhood that is conducive to your lifestyle so you aren’t getting calls from the neighbors every night!


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