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May 29


carmel brulez

carmel brulez

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Finding an online clairvoyant is easy, finding one who you know is accurate is very different, they are rare, like a diamond in the mud. A good directory is the place to look


Psychic readings have always been very popular,Psychic Directory and Forum Articles but finding a clairvoyant you can trust to help you is a very different thing. Many who advertise are not genuine, many are fakes who pretend and others are deluded people with no talent but who cannot admit it to themselves and live in a fantasy world. People look online to find someone and the best place to look is a reputable, reliable psychic directory and forum. These are few and far between because there are few of them anyway, and at least half of them are run by the people who list themselves and advertise on them - recommending themselves, biased.

For any clairvoyant, medium or spiritualist out there who wants to be listed on a reputable and reliable directory list we can help you. For those who want to find a tarot card reader, astrologer or palmist who is offering their services online we can help you two. There is now the opportunity to use an excellent psychic directory and forum, whether you are offering readings, advice, answers or predictions or perhaps you are offering something different but similar and of interest to the same type of people. By going onto a reputable and reliable site and using their list you save yourself a great deal of hassle, time and money on setting up your own service or crying out on social media sites that you are available. This is a bad way to go as you can end up sitting there all day posting and and answering questions, with some of the people not being serious and others expecting you to answer loads of questions in the hope of getting one cheap reading off of them, it is not worth it. Value your time by getting someone else to supply all of the background help, be self employed and take all of the money that comes in, but without that hassle and bother.

I had a good look online before writing this article. I found one site which is listing the owners as the people who do readings, and another one which was totally taken over by spam links to all sorts of things that have nothing to do with spiritual or caring work. Unfortunately this can happen because it costs a lot of money to set up and run a good website that has a forum and a directory and most people lost interest after a bit. But when a site is done properly it becomes a wonderful, growing and ever evolving thing and something that you can take advantage of. This is the same whether you are seeking the help of a reader or you are a reader yourself.

There is just as much joy for a client of psychics to find a good reader on a forum or directory as there is for the reader themselves. It may seem that the reader has more to gain because they charge, but look at it like this, the reader, if any good, gets clients elsewhere and may not really miss one here and there. But that one here and there can benefit greatly by finding him or her. Perhaps get far more benefit from it than is reflected by the price they paid for that help. I've heard of times when someone paid just a few dollars yet it totally changed their life for the better.

Directories can be used by full time professionals as well as those who are new to the art and starting off, perhaps in a part time way. People can build up a following where they get to become established and maybe even well known Worldwide.

A good psychic forum is a great place to message others on these subjects. You use it like a message board or discussion place, a bit like texting others but where many people can read it rather than just the one person you text, and they can choose whether or not to reply to you. You can exchange views and information and maybe end up supporting and helping each other, some can become great friends.

One of the great things about a psychic forum or directory is that you can dip in and out of it when it suits you whether for five minutes or five hours or five days. You decide what you contribute to it and what you get out of it. Some of these have a whole host of extras to go with it such as articles, blogs, information and news, which you can learn from too.

A typical website for psychics is usually only one or two pages plus the adverts for the people who work for the site. In most cases the site is dedicated to advertising a call centre or agency, people who sit at home and take calls as they come in. You get to speak to whoever is on duty when you ring, if you ring, but none of them have any real reputation, fame, background or experience because they are one of hundreds of people working for that agency working very cheaply and agencies hire cheap people not proven, reliable, genuine, tested and qualified or experienced people who would charge more. When you visit a directory or forum you are more likely to find the better readers, those who are self employed and work alone, not one of the run of the mill agency workers who are unproven.

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