Finding true value and appreciating what we have in life.

Aug 3


Stacey T Pollock

Stacey T Pollock

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Tomorrow is too late to realize what is special in life and appreciate it for what it offers us.


When we look at life and value it on the basis of what we want to achieve,Finding true value and appreciating what we have in life. Articles there is very little time to appreciate the moments and things that we have in the time of the present.  There always seems to be something that is not good enough in our life, some way in which to improve it, also things that annoy us that we wish to move away from.  For some people it is based mostly on boredom and wanting more out of life.  We seek to find better in new horizons, which will hopefully bring us the fortune we feel we deserve.

Have we ever questioned ourselves on valuing life in this way, to always be continually working towards something instead of realizing the things that we have in the present as being something special?  Would it be possible to value and appreciate something in the future if we do not see what is already received in the present?  Will there only continue to be more wanting rather than enjoying, which leads to never fulfilling our true desires.

They say the grass is greener on the other side.  That usually we expect that what we do not have is better than what is given to us in the present.  In some cases this might be true, but for most instances it is a matter of not seeing the value in what we have in the present, to understand it for what it really offers us.  When we seek to find better, pushing away things that we have in the now can lead at times to loosing valuable things in life, such as people and items that we did not realize had so much importance and impact on our lives. 

When things become normal in our lives we get accustomed to the regime and forget the real purpose why we choose our path in the first place.  We get bored of the humdrum of what we consider the norm and forget why people are valuable to us and place them in the same category as an object or thing that is like a fixture in our house.  There presence is no longer valued on the same principles that we first chose them for, and instead becoming no longer evident how special they are and how much they contribute to our lives.

In some cases this might be a good thing, if there is pain and no reward given by the parties involved.  More commonly however people get bored of things in life and do forget to value and appreciate the things that they originally chose for.  There is always something better, something more interesting, which tends to put the original choices to the wayside as either a hindrance or for something to take advantage of on the way to finding something else.  Instead of valuing the original choices and people that were once loved, they are now used more as a step in order to push a person towards new goals and desires.  This might mean that the person is stood on and hurt.  Perhaps we no longer care when we have moved on to better things.

On the other hand it should not have to take a loss of something to realize the true value of what we have.  Living life with the knowledge that tomorrow certain people or things might not be here is a good way to realize why we choose to have them in our lives.  To see the real reason why we need them and to appreciate them for every moment that is given to us.  

Life now is where we are living.  The true value for life is in the present and the people and things that we have if they cannot be valued and appreciated now, then there might never be anything to satisfy us.  Nothing will ever fit into expectation and desires, always leading to wanting more and more, without seeing what is really important to us. 

Do not wait until tomorrow to realize that many things that you already have in your life are special.  Tomorrow is too late to see what is true value and worth in what we have chosen.  Living in the now leads to enjoying all that we choose for and fulfilling our desires, and more importantly knowing what we have as truly valuable and to appreciate it for the time that we have left to enjoy it.By Stacey T Pollock

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