How to spot a Fraud

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How to spot a fraud... Usually the type of fraud we have to spot is a person. That means a man who is going to cheat on you,Guest Posting a woman who wants to con you out of your money, a stranger who offers you a business deal etc. The thing is that unless we hide away in a cave and never meet people or speak to them we are coming across them all the time. We have to know how to tell them apart from the genuine people. That way we can get involved with genuine ones and avoid losing money and having upsets caused by the others.

I have noticed that whenever someone tells me they have been cheated they should have been able to spot it would happen before it happened!  i.e. if someone gets a knock on the door from a total stranger offering to come in a decorate their lounge for them at a ridiculously cheap price they should not be surprised if they hand over money for the guy to get paint and he runs off with it. Who in their right mind would spend hours knocking on doors only to end up working for far less than the usual going rate for the job?  If you are seeking out bargains or gifts from strangers this is how you get scammed.

Women often fall for the line about how a so called psychic will do them a free psychic reading.  They think they are onto a good thing without stopping to think about it. A reputable and popular reader would not have to bother to work for free, they would be busy enough with people who respect them enough to pay them.  Yet more and more people fall for this. Yes the first one is free. But the first one is always just telling you what you want to hear so that you go back and pay next time... or it tells you there is some terrible black cloud hanging over you and your life which you must pay them lots of money to remove.  To be sure that you are consulting someone who you can trust go to someone qualified, who has been a full time professional for a long time, who works for a fair fee, is reliable and who has lots of regular clients such as  Avoid risks. They are not necessary.  In the long run it also saves you a lot of money because one good session is worth dozens of rubbish ones that you cannot trust.  It also saves you a lot of heartache and time.

How to spot a fraud.

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