Let us strive for Enlightenment

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About Astrology, the Science of Time, an indicative science which indicates events happening in the Four Dimensional Space-Time Continuum, the Eternal Continuum in which we exist, live and breathe.


The mere theoretical statement that we are potentially divine does not save us from the problems of life.,Guest Posting when Life’s problems overwhelm us!

There was a student who learnt Vedanta, the Science of Being and declared somewhat egotistically Aham Brahmasmi, that I am the Universal Truth and all this is My mental image. After some days an excruciating stomach ache gripped him and he began to cry. We are like him. Crying Brahmams, crying Universal Truths !

Jesus was crying on the Cross ” Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani “ ” My God, My God. why hast Thou forsaken me?.” One unkind gentleman therefore defined Christ as one who cries. He who cries is Christ !

Life is difficult, life is strife, said Buddha and the first truth is of Sorrow, so be not mocked.

So we all need an Escapist Heaven and only three options are left for us. Alcohol, suicide or Enlightenment. Alcoholism and suicide have been widely condemned as negative. ( Freud discovered that all accidents are not accidents, but suicides. But suicide is sin, a violation of the Law ” Thou shalt not kill”. ) Enlightenment is the only positive escapism !

Ayur Ksheenam na janathi
Thasmat Jagrata Jagrata ( Sankara )

No one is aware of the loss of Ayus ( longevity )
Therefor strive, strive for Enlightenment !

Be not egotistic with wealth, people or youth
In a second, Time, the All Devourer can destroy all !
Know that all this is a dream in Mind Cosmic
Therefore seek thy Self, O Noble One !

Ma kuru dhana jana youvana garvam
Harathi Nimeshath Kala Sarvam
Maya mayam idam akhilam hithva
Brahma padam thvam pravisha vidithva

( Sankara )

We are human beings, composite creatures. Buddha is our positive aspect, Mara is our negative aspect. Let us realise, like Lord Buddha, that Mara is an aspect of ourselves. Let us overcome him !

Buddhist Philosophy is similar to Advaita. Sankara was known as the hidden Buddhist as he said the even God is Illusory.

There is no Bhakti Yoga or Bridal Mysticism in Buddhism. It is the path to Enlightenment

When asked of God, Buddha maintained a dignified silence. He said

Om Amithya ! measure not with words
The Immeasurable; nor sink the string of thought
Into the Fathomless; he who aks errs
He who answers errs, say nought ! ( The Light of Asia )

The First Noble Truth, said Buddha, is Sorrow. Sorrow is the Existential Force of this world. Sarvam Dukham, Sarvam Shoonyam, Sarvam Kshanikam, everything is Sorrow, everything is Zero, everything is evanescent.

The First Truth is of Sorrow, be not mocked
The Life that ye prize is a long drawn agony
Only its pains abide, its pleasures are
Like the birds which race and fly

Ask thee of the sick, the mourners , ask of him
Who tottereth on his staff, lone and forlorn
Liketh thee life ? These say the babe is wise
That weepeth being born ! ( The Light of Asia )

The Second Noble Truth is Sorrow’s cause.

The second is Sorrow’s cause
Which grief spring not from itself, but from desire?
Senses and things perceived mingle and light
Passion’s quick spark of fire. ( Light of Asia )

It is desire that binds man to the sublunar world, desire which is the real cheat.

The third Noble Truth is Sorrow’s ceasing. The solution is Enlightenment, as man withdraws within himself and overcomes his negative aspect.

The Fourth Noble Truth is Enlightenment. Unto Nirvana ! In Nirvana you curl yourself up in Being, in the stillness of the stillness that stillness is !


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