List of Proverbs- How to Find a Good List of Proverbs

Dec 21


Christopher White

Christopher White

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This articles dives deeper into the realm of the proverb, with its insightful meanings and teaching. We'll look at what a proverb is and then where one can go to find a good list of proverbs.


Hello again everyone!

Today let's discuss proverbs and how to find and create your unique list of proverbs!

First let me say,List of Proverbs- How to Find a Good List of Proverbs Articles I love things that make me think. A wonderful painting, a good movie, and an even better proverb.

Let's look at Dictionary(dot)com to get a good definition of what proverbs are :

-noun (used with a singular verb) a book of the Bible, containing the sayings of sages. Abbreviation: Prov. –noun Grammar. a word that can substitute for a verb or verb phrase, as do in "They never attend board meetings, but we do regularly. "–noun:1. a short popular saying, usually of unknown and ancient origin, that expresses effectively some commonplace truth or useful thought; adage; saw. 2. a wise saying or precept; a didactic sentence. 3. a person or thing that is commonly regarded as an embodiment or representation of some quality; byword. 4. Bible. a profound saying, maxim, or oracular utterance requiring interpretation.

I'm always amazed at what I find when I go to the dictionary to find out what words mean. I always come back with more than I bargained for!

The way we commonly think of proverbs is the numbers 1, 2, and 4 under the third noun definition. People think of proverbs as good mantras to go by to lead them to wisdom and intelligence.

Now in order to live by proverbs and to learn from these meaningful statements we have to have some handy at all times right? You could definitely go to a Barnes and Noble or Bookstop or somewhere and easily buy a book with proverbs in them , right? But, to save us time and money until you're able to go and do that, let's look at a couple of different sites and then we're going to put together our own list of proverbs, or as I like to say "THE PAGE OF KNOWLEDGE!!" (Think of that in your best he-man/spongebob voice!)

Here's a list of different sites to go to, any one will do, it depends on what you like!:


So looking at the list above you'll see I've included english, funny chinese, and a free-for-all of different proverbs and their country of origin. (Note: on the second url there may be a htm> on the front of it that doesn't belong there! Copy and paste it into your address bar and then remove it.)

Now after searching through these sites we're going to create your own list of proverbs!

Go into any writing program and start to copy and paste the proverbs you like. It's smarter to be well-rounded and not put all your eggs in one basket, so choose from all the sites above to get the most bang out of your list.

You can also choose to turn on bullets to give your list a more orderly look and you can even add a wonderful background to make it even more enchanting. But remember the most important part of this is the knowledge and wisdom some one can get from what's written on the page, not how pretty it is. You can even make a calendar on some programs and then you'll have a proverb or two for every month!!

Find your own unique proverbs to share with family or friends or take the list of proverbs you just made and share it with the world!

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