Philosophical Astrology & some important Yogas

Nov 30


G Kumar

G Kumar

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About Universal Mysticism, the Art of Union with the Cosmic


Astrology is philosophical as Evolutionary Astrology is used by philosophers and Seers. To discern the evolutionary status of the native,Philosophical Astrology & some important Yogas Articles Evolutionary Astrology is used.

The four functions of Mind are Manas, Buddhi, Chitha and Ahamkara.

Manas is the processing Mind
Chitha is the storage of impressions in the Subconscient
Buddhi is the intellect
Ahamkara is the Ego

In Astrology, Manas is ruled by the Moon
Chitha by by Venus
Budhhi by Mercury and Jupiter
& Ahamkara by Mars, Sun and Saturn

The ten heads of Ego (Ravana) symbolically are

Kama - Lust
Krodha - Anger
Mada - Pride
Moha - Avarice
Matsarya - Jealousy
Raga - Attachment
Manas - Processing Mind
Buddhi - Intellect
Chitha - Subconcious Mind
Ahamkara - Ego

We have to remove the ten heads of the Ego to attain to Self Actualisation.
The Self is Bliss Absolute ( Ananda ), Absolute and Infinite ( Poorna ) &
Non-dual ( Advaya )

Some Important Yogas in Astrology

Sakata Yoga - This is a negative yoga. When Jupiter and the Moon are in 6/8
or 2/12 positions, Sakata Yoga is caused. Sakata means wheel and the native
will have vicissitudes or cyclical upheavals like the wheel !

Kalyana Sakata Yoga - In the Sakata Yoga, when Jupiter is angular, Kalyana
Sakata Yoga is caused. This is a positive yoga as it cancels Sakata Yoga.
The native is longlived and prosperous and handsome.

Nisva Yoga - This is caused when the 2nd lord is in the 12th. This is a
negative Yoga.

Lakshmi yoga - This is caused when the Ascendant lord is strong and the Lord
of Fortune is angular and powerful

Moola kendra thirkoneshu bhagyake paramochake
Lagnadhipo baladye cha Lakshmee yoga udeerithah

Duryoga - This results when the 10th lord is in the 12th. The native becomes
unlucky as afar as profession is concerned.

Anabha Yoga is caused by planets in the 12th from the Moon.

The Anapha Yoga caused by Mars is excellent- the native becomes aggressive,
with business talent, with beautiful body and highly skilled.

There is another Prosperity Yoga called Vasumath Yoga. Vasu in Sanskrit
means prosperity. Vasumath Yoga results when the Upachayas, that is 3,6,10 &
11 Houses are tenanted by benefics.

Lagnath Atheeva Vasuman Vasuman Sasankath
Soumya Grahe Upachayopagathe Samasthai !

16 types of Raja Yogas are formed when Jupiter, Saturn and Mars gets
exalted, in angles !

Swachcheshu Shodasa Nripa Kathithaika Lagne !

Or when two of them are exalted and Ascendant lord is angular and powerful

Dwiakasirtheshu thadai prathame vilagne
Swakshetrage shashini shodasa bhoomipasyu

Prosperity Yoga or Lakshmi Yoga

Lakshmi Yoga results when

If the 9th lord is powerfully posited, either in exaltation or own house and
is angular or trinal
If the Ascendant lord is powerful

Moola kendra thrikoneshu bhagyake paramochhake
Laganadhipo baladyecha Lakshmee yoga udeerithah

Results of Lakshmi Yoga - one has appreciable affluence and is always above
want. Respectable,
learned,noble, wealthy, will be handsome in appearance and will possess all
the comforts of life.
Learning Yoga or Vairincha Yoga

This is a philosophical Yoga. Vairinchi means Saraswathi and this is a yoga
for learning.

This yoga results when Jupiter and Saturn are powerful and angular and the
Lord of the Ascendant is also angular and powerful.

Expounder of Absolute Knowledge, genius, of the nature of Veds,
Jovial, never moving away from the Righteous Path, with disciples galore
Gentle, with wealth and with lustre divine
Long-lived, with mastery of sense organs, bowed by all, such is the
Vairincha born !

Yoga for the Eightfold Prosperity ( Ashta Laksmi Yoga )

If the North Node ( Rahu ) is in the 6th
And if Jupiter is angular
Then this Yoga is formed
This combination for Eightfold Prosperity !

Shashta sthana gathe Rahu
Lagna Kendra gathe Gurau
Ashtalakshmee samayuktham
Madhyavan Keerthiman Nara

The Eightfold Prosperity, whose symbols are the Eight Lakshmis, the Ashta
Lakmis, the Ashta Vasus are

Dhana Lakshmi - Wealth as prosperity
Dhanya Lakshmi - Agriculture as prosperity
Dhairya Lakshmi - Courage "
Vijaya Laksmi - Victory "
Adi Laksmi - Power "
Vidya Laksmi Learning "
Gaja Lakshmi Will Power "
Santhana Lakshmi Children as prosperity

The native born under this yoga, enjoys the Eightfold Prosperity. Rahu and
Jupiter should be powerful, however, to confer the full benefits of this