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There is a simple Tao technique that you may use to set priority.  It is simple, handy, and very effective. 

When we get our priority right,Guest Posting we focus on the right things.  The net result is achieving more in all things we do, instead of mindlessly busy.  The key question is:  How do we get the priority right? There is a simple Tao technique that you may use to set priority.  It is simple, handy, and very effective.  It's related to the Tao concepts of being and nonbeing.  Never mind if you do not understand what the terms mean.  Just follow the example below.Look at a coffee cup.A coffee cup has a physical body.  It can be seen and touched.  It is a being.  Is the physical body the reason for the cup's existence?From the Tao's perspective, it is not. Here comes the concept of nonbeing. Although it is the being of the cup that catches our attention, it is the nonbeing of the cup that makes it useful.  What's the nonbeing of the cup that makes it useful? It is in the space within the body of the cup.  We cannot see or touch the space in the cup, so it is a nonbeing.  But without the space, the drink will have nowhere to reside in.  The cup will become useless and lose the centre of its life.In life, everything we own or do has its being and associated nonbeings.  It is easy to see the value of beings, which can be seen or touched.  When you go to a shop to buy a cup, you are charged for the physical cup, rather than the space.  The problem is that being needs not be the centre of life.  Prioritize with only the beings may result in you focusing on the wrong things.Big houses, beautiful cars, prestigous position. These are beings.  They are important, but not necessarily the most important.  If we set our priority based only on beings, we may lose the center of our life.Use the Tao technique to complement your efforts on identifying priority.  First, find out what the being is.  Then, ask yourself, "What are the nonbeings associated with it?"  Very often, it is in the nonbeings where your priority lies.Let's use money as an example.  Money is a being.  Many of us work for money.  What are the nonbeings associated with money?  Although the answers vary from person to person, it could include respect, fulfillment and peace of mind.  The being is important, but the nonbeings could well be the priority.Another example: a sales presentation.  When you are doing a sales presentation, the presentation is a being.  What are the associated nonbeings?  It could be rapport building with a client, confidence building in a customer, or persuasion that leads to the final sales.  The presentation is important, but the priority lies somewhere else.  If you work only on the being, i.e., the presentation; and overlook the nonbeings; you may end up achieving no results even when you work very hard.In *Lao Tzu, being and nonbeing are key concepts that lead you to identify the center of life.Think about being and nonbeing in everything you do.  Very soon you will become adept at identifying priorities.  This will help you to focus on the right things in everything you do.  The accumulated effects can be stupefying!*Lao Tzu is the most notable Chinese philosopher of Tao.

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