Religion and Astrology: One Planet, One Deity, Many Names, Many Faces

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Many may not know this, but there has been proof regarding astrology in many religions. This is exactly what we will be discussing in this article below. Astrology, in its entirety, holds power and guidance for the enlightened ones. 

It is not unforeseen to locate planets at the center of today's ancient world religions: Christianity and Judaism,Guest Posting Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Tao. 

The most loved title of Allah, 'the Merciful and Compassionate,' unequivocally characterizes the consolidated Sagittarian and Pisces character of Jupiter, especially on the Tree of Life where Jupiter's Sagittarian Sephira, or Shining One, is called Hesed, Mercy.

These Gods, this indefinable heavenly Spirit, ought not to be mistaken for the ordinary visionary Spirit of Jupiter.

The eight head Hindu Gods' characters fit the names of the eight head Sephiroth, or Shining Ones, of the Tree of Life.

There are some noteworthy similarities between the Birth accounts of Krishna and Christ. Ganesh, the sweeping and valuable elephant God who addresses the heavenly Spirit of Jupiter in India, is interpreted as Lord of Hosts, one of Jehovah's #1 titles.

You will find more real proof of the Tree of Life Tradition in the image of Avalokitesvara, the God of Compassion, which mirrors the central portion of the Tree.

Tree's Tradition resounds strongly in a few Buddha's story segments, essentially rising to the Bodhi Tree's highest purpose when he achieved enlightenment.

The Shining One of Neptune, the crown or crown of the Tree of Life, is the most desirable seat of the Lords of the past seasons of Pisces, Christ, Krishna, and Buddha.

Maybe the most indisputable proof of the general information on the Tree of Life can be found in the most remote unforeseen quarter.

In this course of action, their different natural characters refer to the zodiac characters near the principal planets in the Tree's close locations, an extraordinarily exact proliferation of the Tree of Life.

Behind the Bible, the Tree of life: Immortality and reconciliation.

The astrology and Kabbalah (Tradition) of the holy Tree of Life uncovers its divine intelligence and imagery at the core of the New Testament and the Old Testament, from Genesis to the Revelation that came down.

'And the Lord God said.. Now, lest he take also of the Tree of Life, and eat, and live forever : therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the Garden of Eden. 'Gen. 3.22.

This Genesis refrain holds the guarantee of everlasting status for all who perceive the Tree's otherworldly idea. The profound powers on which astrology works affirm our supernatural characters and the undying Spirit, which all religions have celebrated for a long time, denying passing. For the ones 'with ears to hear,' as the Gospels show it. The individuals who can't see this astuteness are destined to death their entire lives until they at last taste that extreme freedom.

'The Tree of Life which bare twelve manners of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the Tree were for the healing of the nations.' Rev. 22.2.

Disclosure affirms in unequivocal terms the Tree's mysterious character: the Moon's gathering of the Tree's twelve divine spirits in her month to month circuit of the zodiac.

Considerably more essential, this stanza forecasts the Tree of Life disclosure will 'recuperate the countries.' Revelation additionally guarantees 'the secret of God will be done.' (Rev.10.7) When we perceive the unchanging truth behind our various religions, our bare hearts underneath our multiple skins, the countries and beliefs will accept each other as siblings instead of slipping into hatred. What's more, we will desert our unfortunate, impractical, and troubling realism.

We see religion once the more fuelling war and now frantic illegal intimidation instead of bringing harmony and comprehension by spiritual consultants. By the way, it doesn't bode well for more than one God managing our minuscule planet or for one God to be valid and the others bogus. That disposition may have been inescapable, even fundamental, in old occasions as societies and states contended savagely, and it has left us a festive tradition of a wide range of perspectives on the vast secret of God.

In any case, all religions' historical backdrop is one of development, ceaselessly changing to suit evolving times. We don't need to conjure the new time of Aquarius to perceive our occasions are changing considerably more drastically than any time in recent memory. Our old perspectives are from numerous points of view not, at this point, feasible.

The exposition of the one excellent source, the various substances of the One God being what they are, will one day bring together all men of liberality in the data concerning what the great Spirit needs. The thing that everyone needs, love, and tune in, is the Revelation of every heart, the Holy Spirit in every heart.

Every one of our prophets and sages has put man's ordinary humankind at the focal point of their message and instructed God is Love. The Spirit of adoration, society, and shared pardoning is the heavenly Spirit working among us as researched by spiritual consultants.

The uncovering of the profound unavoidable truths that apply to everyone shows this instructing isn't merely acceptable philosophy but agrees carefully with astrology's transcendentalism, the otherworldly life we convey inside.

Genuine love is the path of the Sun's favoring, actually and mystically, the existence beating in each heart, in each phone, at the core of each iota. To cite Ananda Coomaraswamy, 'This is verse, yet nonetheless science.'

The Most Ancient Science in Modern Times

Both Einstein and the extraordinary spiritual analyst, C.G. Jung, perceived astrology. Jung's letters concede he utilized it regularly in his investigations while staying silent inspired by a paranoid fear of shock. His extraordinary commitment to brain science is established on acquainting western deduction with the mental elements of survey, feeling, instinct and sensation, interpreting earth, air, fire, and water, the four spirits of astrology.

Jung composed broadly on theoretical chemistry, "astrology's more youthful sister," and power. We will discover material science and authority, body and Spiritual consultation are firmly coordinated. The essential qualities of the planets reflect their characters in astrology, for example, blustery Jupiter

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