There Is Still One Apple

Nov 15


Talina Tang

Talina Tang

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In this article,the author will tell a story to the readers, which contains some life wisdom and philosophy.


Some days ago,There Is Still One Apple Articles I read a story about an apple and a traveler.

A traveler was walking through a desert when a sudden storm broke out, which blocked his way and he got lost. What was worse, the storm also blew away his bag in which there was his water and food. He searched all his pockets and luckily, one green apple was left and he was so excited and shouted, ”I still have one apple!”

With this apple in his hand, the traveler started to seek his way out of the desert. Whenever he felt hungry, thirty or tired, he would take a look at this apple, but not to have it, for he wanted to keep it till the moment when he encountered the most difficult situation. To some extent, this very apple gave him the courage and strength, making him not give up and keep going on.

One day passed by, then the second day. On the third day, the traveler finally made his way out of the desert safe and sound. And the apple was still in his hand with the original shape.

What do you think about this story? Maybe you will speak highly of the brave traveler. It is definitely the truth. However, what I want to emphasize here is the fatal role the very apple played in the processing of the traveler’s hard journey. It is an ordinary apple just as any of the other apples. However, the magical power it gave to the traveler is beyond everyone’s imagination.

The story just proves better the power of faith and spirit. Faith really matters in a person’s success. It is the beginning point of the career and is the support of a person whenever he faces difficulties and problems. The life is a challenge, which can not be always smooth .It is filled with all kinds of unexpected obstacles. The value of faith just lies in that it can keep you always have the desire to head for the success.

Another good example for the strength of faith is these successful people with physical problems. You may wonder why most of them can lead a meaningful life at last. It is just because they have faith in their life and never give up. For them, the faith is their flaming flames which light the dark way forward. The miracles can also happen to you if you can always stick to your dreams and your goals.

In my wardrobe, there is also one precious backpack. The backpack is to me what the apple is to the traveler. It is a present for my 21-year-old birthday. The backpack is important for the reason that it witnessed my hard journey to Wu Han last summer vocation.

I will never forget the feeling of desperation when I found all my belongings in my hotel were stolen after I went to dinner outside. I had no choice but to take a temporary job in this strange city. Fortunately, this backpack accompanied me whenever I felt tired or discouraged. It also warmed my heart that very time for it was a gift from my younger sister with her first scholarship in high school. The scholarship was little so she just bought the backpack from an on-line shop ( Thinking about my lovely sister, nothing was impossible.

Since the day when I finally returned home, this backpack has been my most precious and I always tell myself that there is nothing difficult if you believe in yourself. There is always the approach to make the way out.

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