Amaterasu The Goddess of the Sun

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The lesson of Amaterasu The Goddess of the Sun.  Like Amaterasu we all can become depressed and not value ourselves. Then we hide away in our caves. Until we see the light or the truth about ourselves as it is reflected in the eyes of others.

In Japanese mythology,Guest Posting Amaterasu (pron: Ah-mah-te-lah-soo) is the sun Goddess. She was the creatrix, Goddess. She not only wove the world, her light was responsible for all the plants that grew and fed the people. She was responsible for all the cultural and spiritual growth of the Japanese people. The royal family and all of the Japanese people descended from her.

 Her brother, the storm god, Susanowa, ruined her garden, Amaterasu was so depressed she enclosed herself in a dark cave. She was hidden from her people and all the other deities. Without her light, the fields died and the people grew hungry because without the sun there was only endless night. Amaterasu was the higher power to her people and without her they too grew depressed.

Ame-no-Uzume-no-mikoto, the goddess of the dawn was very wise. She said " Now this is enough of this." So she rolled a huge brass mirror in front of the cave where Amaterasu hid. She then brought a huge tub and turned it over, jumped up on it and began to dance and sing. She tore off her clothes making silly faces. The other Gods and Goddesses began to laugh and sing with her. Amaterasu became very curious and looked out of her cave. When she saw her own radiance reflected in the mirror she came out and joined the merriment. She forgot her depression and returned to the world.

The story of Amaterasu makes one appreciate their own brilliance and beauty. You are unique source of the light. There is only one you. Whether you are virgin or crone you are beautiful. Sometimes when we do not live up to societies ideas of beauty we don't believe in our own unique beauty. Sometimes all women are like Amaterasu, we get lost in the dark. Then we see ourselves reflected perhaps in another’s eyes and we recognize our own brilliance. This Goddess will bring you illumination.copyrighted Judi Singleton 2004

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