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How often do you feel irritated with your better half? your expressions say it all! But what creates conflicts between two lovers? You might have thousands of reasons ready but it all comes down to lack of communication! Now women are generally very vocal about the things they don’t like about their men or what they expect out of them.

Haven’t you been scolded enough number of times for talking just about sports and cars,Guest Posting not cleaning up after yourself, forgetting to put the toilet seat down, playing video games and on and on! Woah, that’s too much expectation but guess what, men are no less even though they may not always say it.

We love your shocked look and if you wanna know what do men want in a woman to do more, stay right here!


1. Smile.

Men want to see their woman smile and it’s not an unreasonable request. After all, if there is anyone more beautiful to your man than you, it is you in a smiling frenzy! You flashing your twins is a sight he would enjoy but look deep in his eyes and flash your pearly whites to him, the joy this will give him is out of the world!

Your smile is not just your beauty trait, it is also a symbol of your happiness. And your man will be quick to take the credit and feel that he is definitely doing something right! Jokes apart, your smile does reassure him so throw your worries to the winds and say cheese!


2. Be Playful.

There’s nothing more satisfying for a man than watching his woman drop her masks and become a child! Fine, he’d prefer sex to this or football or a boy’s night-out but come on, bringing out the child in you will certainly be welcomed! And by this, we don’t mean baby talk, though that may be liked by some men what we mean here is being playful.

Not thinking about how you look and what is womanly, you just goof around like you used to back in school! Feel young again, feel happy from the heart and feel the magic of playfulness!


3. Make the first move.

Men often wonder why women shy away from making the first move. Ah, you are going to say that it makes women look desperate, oh please, this is so not true! In fact, a woman making the first move is seen as a go-getter who knows what she wants and can make the effort to actually get it.

And yes, that’s a positive statement! It also depicts that the woman is confident in her own skin and can approach the man she is inclined towards. So ladies, if you want to kiss him, just do it spontaneously without thinking! You can also make the first move in the bedroom and see how it makes him fall for you harder, making him do you even harder!


4. Be Natural.

we aren’t talking about your no-makeup look that your man prefers to the full pancaked version complete with electric blue eye-shadow! Though going natural that way would be a good idea too but for now we’ll focus on the natural personality.

So women, you really don’t have to copy someone you think your man admires. Dressing up as someone else or copying their actions, their laughter and opinions- don’t do that girl, you are above it! Just be your natural self and have faith in your love, he cherishes you for who you are. Don’t tarnish the real you with a fake front!


5. Cuddle.

What does a man want to cuddle with their women? We understand that shock on your face, after all, we’ve always believed that men see cuddling as an investment for sex which is a waste without returns! But trust us, men like to cuddle as much as women.

While you are lazing on the couch or waiting for a cab, stay closer to him, rub your arm against his and hug him. You will also agree that it is a great way to connect with your lover, both physically and emotionally! Men would know that the feeling of having their woman rest her head on their chest is tough to beat!


6. Be Vocal.

And we aren’t talking about your constant chatter, he could do with less of it! That was a bad joke but please don’t kill us for it! Anyway, we are talking about your being more vocal in ahem, the bedroom! Wait, this is in no way a hint for you to overdo yourself and scream unnecessarily!

You’re over the top act will only send the signal that you have to pretend pleasure because he is incapable of giving it! Instead, be vocal about what works for you and guide him to get you towards the big “O”! A woman who is verbal about her needs in the bedroom is easier to please and yes, men like the easy way out or rather “IN”!


7. Avoid Drama.

This is one thing that all men will collectively agree to- women should avoid drama! You can’t deny that women tend to find themselves in the middle of more drama in a month than a man will go through in his entire life! Men just hate drama, conflicts, and fights and more often than not when a man is involved in drama, it is because of a woman!

Now the ladies might not enjoy drama but they don’t actively keep away from it and the proof is their habit of gossiping. Girls, do you know that talking lowly about others is seen as a sign of insecurity by men? You could put in more effort in staying clear of this pointless drama to keep your man happy, won’t be so tough!

Which of these things are you planning to do more for your man?

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