Bring a Towel with You When going to Sand Beach

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Introduction of Louis Vuitton beach towel, and its benefit to the environment

Summer is supposed to be the popular and favorite season to go to the sand beach. You may planned to go there with you loved ones and made a long holiday checklist,Guest Posting but have you put towel on it? Bringing the right kind of towel is as important as bringing your sun cream and bikinis. Usually, people tend to bring paper towels with them, but that is neither environment-friendly nor economic. Why not try the cotton towel? They work well wet or dry and are great for your skin. When you go swim or surf in the sea, you will have to dry yourself frequently, and the soft and absorbent beach towel offered by Louis Vuitton is an ideal choice, except that it is a little bit expensive. Nevertheless, the Louis Vuitton beach towel will satisfy your both mentally and functionally. I can not help imagine the envy and admire eyes staring you when the soft towel slides over your body. How wonderful it is.

Among the various beach towels, I like the three particularly, ideal gifts for a core family. The Graffiti beach towel is a tribute to the artist Stephen Sprouse, who collaborated with Marc Jacobs on Louis Vuitton's iconic 2001 graffiti collection, and this velvety beach towel is splashed with bold graffiti signatures. And the second colorful print of this soft cotton velvet beach towel was inspired by Louis Vuitton's historic Trunks & Bags logo, dating back to the early 20th century, while the one for the kid brings a touch of vibrant color to the beach with this soft, lightweight cotton sarong, whose handmade-look print was inspired by mouthwatering candy. All the three beach towels are made of 100% cotton to insure its softness. The previous two are sized at 150 x 90 cm, and the one for kid is 150 x 82 cm.

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