Do Clip-In Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

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This Collection is made from what the rest of the industry describes as Remy Hair. And we don’t even need to tell you that when it comes from Luisant Hair it will be 100% Remy. These clip-in Remy Hair extensions are known for their consistency – that is to say their length is mostly the same from top to bottom. They, therefore, give you both the volume and the brilliance you will love to wear. Not to mention the best quality known to women:

There are some pretty scary pictures of hair extensions flying around the internet,Guest Posting terrifying us with those glue-in horrors. We see you, Britney 2007! But we don’t want you to think its all doom, gloom, and bald patches. Often these disasters stem from not applying or taking care of your extensions properly instead of from the extensions themselves. Clip-ins is the smallest amount damaging of all extension types and weigh less risky than the permanent kind. The good thing about your great-length hair extensions is that you simply can remove them after a couple of hours and provides your hair an opportunity. Just in case you’re still worried, we’ve decided to interrupt down the most important concerns to offer you a touch more peace of mind.

The clips will pull your hair out...

This is so not true! The clips we use here have a touch rubber strip on them which stops the clip in extensions from slipping and provides them a far better grip on your hair. As they need a robust hold, they won’t pull or snag at your hair or cause any damage. There also are several clips on one weft to evenly distribute the load making them safer for your hair. If you've got fine hair though you'll always sew extra clips onto your weft human hair extensions to distribute the load even further.

Sleeping in your clip-in extensions will cause damage...

We cannot shout loud enough about how damaging it's to sleep in your clip-in hair extensions real hair. As you come around in the dark you’ll be pulling the hair and putting a strain on the clips. This might cause snapping and may cause patches if you create it a habit. One of the most benefits of single clip in hair extensions is that you simply can give your hair an opportunity so your locks stay healthy. We always advise that you simply take your hair extensions out, store them within the box and leave your hair dream-free.

Hair extensions can cause traction alopecia...

Clip-in extensions don’t cause any longer damage to your hair than wearing it during a super tight pony. However, we don’t advise you wear them every day or for a very long length of your time. If you employ them occasionally and appearance after the condition of your hair you won’t see any damage in the least. All hair extension methods because tension on your strands but the simplest thing about clip-ins is that you simply can take them bent avoid any damage. If you would like to wear them more often it’s worth considering a shorter and lighter set that will be gentler on your strands.

They stop hair growth...

Clip-in extensions won’t stop your hair from growing. Most people use 16-inch hair extensions while growing out a haircut they don’t like or until their hair gets to the length they need. As long as you don’t cause any damage to your hair by making any of the mistakes above, your hair will grow exactly as normal.

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