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Infertile people always look for the options to have their own baby. The irony is that there are limited options available for the same. Surrogacy is one of them or we can say the most effective and viable among them.

Generally there are two types of surrogacy,Guest Posting traditional and gestational. Among these two, people prefer gestational surrogacy as through the same they can have a baby that genetically resemble with them.

But one should understand that if female is infertile or cannot produce reproduction eggs, then egg donor is required in order to undergo gestational surrogacy.  One cannot simple donate the eggs to anyone, there is a clinical procedure attached to it which require precautions that are must to be taken post the donation procedure.  

Egg donor procedure require a health woman who is ready to donate her eggs on legal basis. A legal document or agreement is signed between both the parties, the donor and the receiver. Further, female is made ready to donate her eggs. Then, through clinical procedure reproductive eggs are evacuated from the donors body. Post the surgery, female is required to take complete bad rest and need to take several safety measures for six months to be health. Several problems like – weakness, bleeding, black lash is common up to 5-10 post the surgery. If the donor faces this problem for more than 15 days then she is required to consult the doctor or physician.

The donated eggs are then transferred to the mother to fertilize the same with the sperms of the father. Embryo is developed on fertilization and the developed embryo is then transferred to the uterus of the surrogate mother to achieve pregnancy. This way the child can have genetic resemblance with the intended parents. This procedure is also known as donor egg ivf.

However, there are very few donors available in the nation as most of the female have a fear that they will be facing several serious problems after the egg donation. The doctor on this says that risk is involved in the egg donation procedure but the same risk is also involved during the pregnancy and delivery. One need to just follow the precautions after the donation. If one take proper precautions, then  it is a normal procedure. On the other hand, female can also earn handsome amount of money on donating her eggs.

More than earning money, she can earn happiness that will arrive her when she contribute a part in completing a family. Giving a birth to a child or helping in the procedure is noble cause and one should do it for the sake of happiness of the others.

There are number of donor egg bank in the nation that demand for the egg donors. The interested individuals can sell their or donate their reproductive eggs there. These egg banks provide the eggs to the infertile couples to help them in having a baby.

Other than the egg banks, there are several agents that offer the same service. These agents act as an inter mediator between the infertile family and the egg donors. On the mutual agreement of both the sides, egg donation procedure is taken into action.

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