Earn $65 an hour working as a Relationship Advisor Online

Aug 16


carmel brulez

carmel brulez

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You can earn $65 an hour working as a relationship advisor online if you are good at reading and writing, smart, caring, able to work on your own without advice from others, reliable and able to give good advice on dating, relationships etc.


Earn $65 an hour working as a Relationship Advisor Online More and more people are looking to work from home online. I get a lot of them contacting me and very often they have no skills or qualifications whatsoever,Earn $65 an hour working as a Relationship Advisor Online Articles the truth is they are seeking money. I've even had people expecting me to pay my staff to teach them how to earn good money where I would have all of the expense of teaching them, and they receive the whole benefit, then when they are trained they expect to be paid more and still not pay a penny towards their training. Some of them would be glad to be given free training - at my expense - and then move on to somewhere else so I get nothing but a huge financial loss and a waste of time. But there are some who have skills which they can "sell" to customers or a boss or company others do not. But it is amazing how many people have skills which they do not recognise as skills.

So how do you go about being able to earn $65 an hour working as a Relationship Advisor Online.There are now more and more opportunities to do new and unusual professions available. A good example is working as a professional listener. In some ways it is similar to choosing to consult a tarot card reader, life coach or counsellor but there are some big differences. The person is NOT a qualified counsellor or therapist, they have not trained to do the tarot cards or be turning to online cheap psychic email readings or to be an agony aunts advice columnist online, and they do not claim to be, but they do say they are good at listening and with some people this is far more important. A good listener is under rated because most people take them for granted.

I've met people who expect me to sit there stunned listening and listening to them for an hour or more about their favourite gripe or subject with no thought to me and how I feel or whether or not I had an hour to spare that day. Some of this is because they are selfish and so long as you are pliable and compliant enough to sit there they take advantage. Some is because they believe they are so fascinating and important they are doing you a big favour - even though they are the one getting all of the benefit and you are the one being bored to tears and having your time robbed from you.

Think of those people who go on holiday and then find their friends are all too busy to look through their photos when they get back. Are they really too busy? Or is it that they have done it before and it was the most boring evening ever?

I know a lady who is obsessed with dogs, it is all she ever wants to talk about, and she is not interested in the other person's opinion, her ideal meet is going on while the other person just listens. Her eyes shine and gleam as she speaks. You could be dying of a serious illness and her subject would still be those dogs. Nothing else matters to her. She claims to have lots of friends but at Christmas, her birthday etc none of them bother. Why? Because she is so boring! But a paid listener would pretend to be interested and really listen. Someone who is supposedly family or a friend or neighbour would not bother, there is nothing in it for them.

You may say that she should be paying a therapist to help her but people with fixations do not want to, they enjoy their fixation too much. They see it as counter productive to change that. Their life would be more dull without it. And the idea of admitting it is a fault or paying someone to help with it would be even more ridiculous - as far as they are concerned.

So how do you go about earning $65 an hour working as a Relationship Advisor Online? If they talk to a listener that is different. The listener is accepting how they are and encouraging it. There is no talk of it being odd or weird or unwanted to others. The listener is not trying to avoid them or make excuses to go. The way a friend or family member would because they think oh my god life is too short. A good listener may make sure that she feels it is great to have such a fascination for something - for her own sake not just for theirs. Actually just listening is very difficult because most who listen do not listen properly. Or jump in with so called advice.

So how do you go about earning $65 an hour working as a Relationship Advisor Online. You can work as an online or face to face professional listener as a proper job now. You can also find out a lot about how to go about it. It's one of those things which is so new that very few people have heard of it yet many people really need it. In some ways this person is as bit like a tarot card reader or psychic only without the cards and props and doing more listening than talking. How do you get started? You find a reputable website that caters for all this. Read up all about it there and/or sign up on there so that people Worldwide can find you and hire you. One of the great things about this is that you are not needing your own website. You do not need to invest money or spend months getting it all sorted. You do not need any skills in web design, seo, advertising, marketing, you leave all of this to the website and just sit back and let the orders roll in.

I know in the past of some women who tried to come to me telling me all of their thoughts, grievances and problems every other day and they are the sort who should be paying a therapist, counsellor or listener not trying to push it on anyone they can get hold of because that way they can avoid admitting to themselves they have a problem or need to spend money. People like that find it hard to make or keep friends because of this.

So you want to earn $65 an hour working as a Relationship Advisor Online, great, but be sensible then so that people want to pay you. So they end up with nobody and try it on with people they do not know. People who want people to listen to them for ages about their favourite subject use the excuse that it is only a chat. But a chat is two or more people chatting not just one going on and one being bored. There are chats and chats anyway. If you go to a lawyer or doctor and you are both talking it does not mean that he considers it some sort of social event or heavenly happening, to him it is paid work because he would not be sitting there with you otherwise and you are the one who benefits from it - hopefully. When you pay a professional listener the only benefit they can get from it is financial and then knowing they helped. But you would have to admit to yourself that is the case and not pretend it was a normal chat.

I've worked as a qualified therapist for a long time and often get people telling me that they heard from X that I am a qualified therapist so they assume I will give them my phone number / address and whenever they feel down or negative or sad or worried they can ring me or turn up on my doorstep to go on about it. If you become a well paid professional listener be careful who you give your address to, and make it clear they must have an appointment etc. If you are working purely online then they have no reason to know your address - do not let them have it. Earn $65 an hour working as a Relationship Advisor Online.

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