Engagement Ring's Average Cost

Dec 11


Andrew Moquin

Andrew Moquin

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Know the average cost of your engagement ring....


When it comes to an engagement ring,Engagement Ring's Average Cost Articles there are two major discussion points: How pretty is it, and how much does it cost? The average cost of an engagement ring varies, but knowing more about the ring can help you to understand the price.

The price of the rings depends on the quality of the diamond and other gemstones. Also, stay away from mall jewelry store, they are a rip off. The most important thing to consider before you buy a wedding ring though, is to make sure that you will have enough money left over to pay for a good prenuptial. Trust me you have a fifty percent chance of needing that some day.

Ask around. I cannot urge you enough to stay away from chain store jewelers. So many stones are cut in India where the shank of the stone is longer in proportion than the top. This adds weight to the stone but you get less refraction (sparkle).

The diamond you buy doesn't have to be set in platinum. Your girlfriend just might be allergic to the elements that go into making yellow gold. White gold is made up of gold and nickel, which makes it white. Find out if she is allergic to white gold, too.

Just so you know, platinum is about 50 times stronger than gold. The higher the content of gold, let's say, 18 kt vs 14 kt, the softer the gold because gold is a soft material. I would take the bride-to-be shopping for the wedding band. If she likes the companion ring to her solitaire, great. If not, she'll get to pick the ring she wants.

I've located six statistics on the average amount Americans spend on engagement rings: $3,044 (Bride's Millennium Report) $2,982 (Bride's Magazine) $2,909 (Modern Bride, as cited in Weddings for Dummies) $3,576 (Conde Nast Bridal Group) $3,165 (Modern Bride Magazine)
$2,807 (National Bride Service)

Ring prices are going to vary depending on the cut, clarity, size, and type of ring you want. Gemstones are being more popular and are less expensive. Diamonds are the traditional type of stone for engagement rings. Solitaires are going to be more expensive. Get what you can afford. Don't start your marriage off in debt. If she loves you, it won't matter.

I think a ring should be something given from the heart and not the wallet. Some people are to judgmental and demand a ring of certain carats or specific type and that's just not something the future husband can provide at the time. I have seen beautiful rings under $1000 so I know its possible to buy a nice sensible ring for that price. I also have seen rings that cost $10,000 and they are nice, but nothing special to me. My husband went to a jeweler who customized a ring so that my ring was unique. It was a decent price ($1700) but it looks like it is worth $5000 because of the modern design. I love it, I get compliments on it all the time because it truly is one of a kind. Ring buying can be done on a budget and still not take away from the ring itself (especially it's meaning).

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