Fairy Tale Weddings in the Hamptons

Apr 1


Leo Alvin Alexander

Leo Alvin Alexander

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Find out how you can turn your wedding into your very own fairy tale love story by holding it on one of the most awesome Hamptons venues.

When asked to describe their fairy tale wedding,Fairy Tale Weddings in the Hamptons Articles many people include adjectives like elegant, timeless, and serene. The well known region of the Hamptons offers natural beauty with stunning architecture. These characteristics make wedding venues in the Hamptons highly desirable year-round.

Many options for both tiny and gigantic guest lists

Known for its pristine beaches, stately mansions and majestic vineyards, the Hamptons possesses dozens of indoor and outdoor venues to choose from. Couples who wish for a grand affair with hundreds of guests can easily find spaces large enough to accommodate everyone. Alternatively, couples in search of a cozy ceremony with less than fifty guests will have no trouble finding reasonably priced options.

Variety and flexibility to achieve distinct experiences

Many couples who decide to wed in the Hamptons combine different venues for a truly one-of-a-kind experience. They might put their guests up in a cozy bed and breakfast, have the wedding ceremony in a traditional church, and then finish the day off with a reception and dinner on a classical estate. Or they might start the day off with a morning ceremony on the beach, followed by a brunch buffet in a grand hall. Couples often state that the wide variety of options available is a huge selling point of wedding venues in the Hamptons.

Keep aunts, uncles and distant cousins busy all day long

Another advantage of the Hamptons that can initially be overlooked is that it provides so many activities to keep guests entertained. Often, couples need alone time to prepare for the reception or to take pictures with the wedding party. No one wants their guests to become bored during such times. In the Hamptons, when their presence isn't required by the bride and groom, guests can take a swim, go to a spa, take a tour of a vineyard, shop in quaint shops or enjoy a bike ride along the beach.

Plan ahead to get exactly what you want

Due to the region's popularity, many wedding venues in the Hamptons can be booked many months in advance. Couples would be wise to plan early to ensure maximum availability. Many couples enjoy taking a romantic weekend getaway soon after their engagement to visit potential wedding venues in person. Venue owners are more than happy to give potential customers a tour of their properties and to answer questions from future brides and grooms via phone or email.

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