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Hello, my baby. What dreams you hold in the palm of your ... What ... As time begins your ... for lifeyou silently grow. Already there is love between us. A ...

Hello,Guest Posting my baby. What dreams you hold in the palm of your tiny
hand. What destinies. As time begins your preparation for life
you silently grow. Already there is love between us. A love,
incomprehensible to those who have not known it and so I will not
speak of it – too often.

So many challenges await you. The terrifying journey from secure
womb to cold, loud Earth will be softened by warm milk from my
breast. And time will continue to prepare you.

We will rejoice at your first smile, your first step, your first
word. A world of firsts for you, my precious one. Explore,
discover and don’t forget to dream. Big dreams! Follow them and
you will grow so tall. Where will they take you, my baby? Will
you ride horses? Will you sing songs? Perhaps the sea will beckon
you, perhaps the sky. Perhaps the heavens! Wherever you go,
little one; always remember your heart. Your dreams will be
nothing without it.

The apple trees are laden with fruit, sweet and ripe. By the time
you arrive, they will be all gone. The orchard is steadfast,
however. Each year it produces - we are never in want. Like it,
your home will be steadfast and strong. You will feel safe here
and secure. There will be storms, as there are in the orchard but
they will pass and the sunshine of your family’s love will warm
you once more. Time will take you by the hand and continue to
prepare you.

I walked by the sea yesterday. Angry waves lashed rugged rocks,
punishing them for blocking their path to dry land. As the salty
spray spritzed my face I heard a menacing challenge. "Come with
us! Dare to be immortal!" But the rocks stood fast and so did I.
In that moment of terrifying exuberance I have never felt more

You also will see and feel wondrous things. You will grow towards
these experiences as a flower grows towards the sun. Each one
will enrich and teach you. You will also know heartache. Loss and
sorrow which I will strive to ease but cannot. When such things
happen, my darling baby do not cocoon, thus shutting out the
world. Rather, let those who love you cry with you and share your

Healing will come, gently on wings of gossamer.

These feelings I express will eventually be familiar to you. You
will become a parent yourself and know and cherish and coo.
Goodnight, my sweet one.

Goodbye, my baby. What dreams you held in the palm of your tiny
hand. What destinies. As time began your preparation for life you
silently died. Already there was love between us. Now, unbearable
sorrow. There will be no journey from womb to Earth. It was the
heavens that beckoned you. Fly away, my precious, fly away.

On gossamer wings.


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