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Good mediums are only human. Discipline is required to make the link to spirit strong.

A good phone psychic medium or phone medium will always relay the information

Channelled to them by the spirit side even though it may sometimes seem strange.

A medium will be able to function under difficult circumstances and on demand.

The high levels reached by expert mediums are evident as they have the ability of an instant connection and so can link into the sitter in the shortest possible time.

Therefore the psychic mediums who work on the phone line services often have expert level status as a sitter would not wish to be kept waiting for 5 minutes whilst the medium meditated to secure the connection! A medium in training who has not had the ability since birth will need to meditate and then unlock the clairvoyancy through a series of visual imagery in their mind which of course takes time,Guest Posting whilst the experienced medium simply snaps to attention immediately. Mediumship is a spiritual art form and requires some discipline and also ongoing spiritual approaches that can span a life time.

A research medium such as Alison Dubois, the medium whom the classic tv series Medium is based around, works at an even higher level. Here Alison is tested in a way that even further defies belief. In a lab environment, she does not make any contact with the sitter either by phone or face to face but the sitter is in another room. She answers questions that the sitter poses in their mind without the sitter communicating these to her in any format. She then channels the answers from spirit side, and is even unaware of the sitters name or age, it is in fact a face less sitter. The results have appeared the same in terms of accuracy whether the sitter is present or not which proves the power of mediumship.

Research mediums tend to be straight forward with their approach and must remember to be sensitive, but their contribution to science is beyond measure.

The way psychic mediums in general receive their information is through true clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience and there are also a few more clairs but these are more rare. A good medium will always be able to hone their skills by taking note of the information coming through, how it comes through and how it is received by the sitter and what it feels like.

A good medium will look at the psychic and medium information they gain with open eyes. Those on the other side can bring through their information only through concepts that are familiar to the medium such as names, pictures, places, symbols, feelings, sounds which are concepts familiar to the human mind and perception.

Therefore the character and life experience of the medium will come into play when they use their skills as a medium. Social grading and demographics will also come into play. Mediumistic skills are not confined to any particular social grade, they work across a broad variety of people it is the skill levels that differ.

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