Lose Weight Fast - or Just Look Like It!

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Get happy with what you see in the mirror. There are more ways than one to look thin. Forget about the latest diet craze. You can choose to lose weight fast, or just look like it!

Everything we put on our bodies,Guest Posting and I am not talking about extra pounds, causes us to look larger or smaller. The statement, "less is more" is especially true in looking thin. When we pile on jewelry, scarves, belts, and layers, we are creating a larger silhouette. If we want to lose weight fast, or just look like it, this is not the way to do it.

When I was young I was trendy. I never considered what looked good on me. I wore what was en vogue at the moment. I wanted to fit in and be like everyone else. I will never forget the day that I found myself. I met Charli and I liked her! Before that I did not know who I was. I wanted to look like this person or that person. Finally I realized that I had a style all my own. It was unique, and that if I embraced it everyone else would too.

As the years began to add up, so did my weight. I tried every diet available. In many ways I was sabotaging my own self. I learned that there were things that I could do, to not necessarily lose weight fast, but just look like it.

I started with my handbag. I scaled down the size and made sure it did not hang beside my largest body part, which would make me look wider. I stopped layering everything and went to back to basics. I no longer looked like the Michelin man. I took off excess jewelry. Too much jewelry looks heavy in itself. I chose smaller width belts, thinner and lighter weight. I was conscious of the shoes or boots I wore. I begin to stick with less bulky fat heeled shoes. My jackets, sweaters, coats, etc., were more classic and not so embellished. I stopped adding a scarf to every outfit. I chose to wear jewelry or a scarf, but not both.

Now those naughty scales that once made me cry no longer mattered! I found a way to look in the mirror and be happy with my own reflection. I may not look like those waif clothes hangar models that stroll the catwalk, but I see Charli and I like her! You can do the same thing; that is to lose weight fast, or just look like it!

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