Mulberry Bayswater High Heel Pump

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Mulberry Bayswater handbags have received high praises from bag fanatics and collectors throughout the world, which may be the reason why the House of Mulberry released a series of shoes, also named Bayswater. Of course, these Mulberry Shoes still looks as fabulous and eye-catching as the bags, for instance, this Mulberry Bayswater High Heel Pump.

Back by popular demand,Guest Posting the Byaswater High Heel Pump is still based on its iconic bag, but this season brings in a new skinny heel (105mm stacked wood stiletto) shown here in its sexy black patent leather. This pair is eye-catching for its multi-colored fuzzy floral leather. I bet you cannot find a similar pump, thus if you desire to give your appearance some distinctiveness, the Mulberry Pumps is definitely an ideal choice. The rounded toe design is cute while the mulberry buckle and fob detail completes its exquisite yet sophisticated looking.

With the heel height of 4 inches, it will be perfect to pair with jeans, skirts as well as long dresses for parties. Weighting a price of á350, this Mulberry Pump shows an edge that could make you look really up to date and glamorously fashionable.

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