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A jean crisis is certainly something to worry about, especially for petite size women. It is hard for women to find the right womens clothes, now add your smaller structured women to the mix and it is almost impossible to find certain things, especially the right jean with the proper boot cut.

501s are totally the wrong shape for the petite size women. Bootcut jeans with heels can have some great appeal,Guest Posting but is not for everyone. Try wearing a medium stack-heeled boot. Otherwise, casual style shoes also look good with bootcuts, depending on the occasion. But remember the jeans need to hover around the ankle or a bit longer for that sophisticated and stylish look.

With petite size clothing it is imperative to make a decision on the shoes before you buy the jeans, and wear the right shoes when you're trying them on. Now this doesn't necessarily mean making a decision on a new pair of shoes before buying those petite size jeans. It only means the decision of the shoes you currently own. The major reason this decision is to be made prior to the petite size jean selection, is that the heel determines how the jean will fall or lay to the ground.

Another thing is that petite size jeans aren't pre-shrunk when you buy them, unless you are looking at the stretch denim, so you need to allow for a bit of shrinkage. So put your best guessing cap on and take a guess of the shrinkage. This will allow you to be a bit more loose on the length, and don't forget that most clothing stores these days do alterations, what a blessing for all the petite size women. Also a friendly reminder for you and the alterations person is to make sure they add that stitching on the bottom.

Today many jean manufactures are understanding the needs of womens clothes. Levi's now has a slim-fit bootcut called a 525, Diesel also has some stylish and well fitting jeans for petite sizes. Many petite people are now wearing diesel jeans, so it appears they're putting together shorter lengths. Otherwise, you can't go wrong checking out the Gap for smaller sizes and today the internet has some great clothing stores that specialize in petite size clothing. Their prices are competitive, their styles have great flare and many of the online stores give you free shipping.

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