The Advantages and Disadvantages about Plastic Surgery

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As the saying goes that “every person has heart pursuit of beauty”. Recently,Guest Posting with the development of society, more and more people took plastic surgery to become more beautiful, especially for some young girls. This phenomenon is much more prominent in Korea; nearly every girl in this country takes plastic surgery. And it is like magician, which can turn an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. Why do lots of people have so much enthusiasm for face-lifting?

Cut-throating competition in the society makes beauty obsession. It is universally assumed that prettier appearance can increase self-confidence and competitiveness. Increasingly competitive situation in this period of social transition, external beauty becomes an important indicator for consensual survival and social network. Currently, even some college students begin to take plastic surgery in order to leaves others a good first impression in the process of hunting jobs. Actually, cosmetics surgery really can change a person’s appearance; sometimes, physical goodliness can really bring some good opportunities. A successful cosmetic surgery is a great encouragement for those who are in pursuit of fairness. Self-confidence plays an exceeding crucial role in improving one’s future life. People who take cosmetic surgery would be more outgoing and strive to show people the finest image. They are generally confident about the future and take much more efforts to take care of their bodies.

On the contrary, other people argue that the artificial look is almost nothing with one’s inner beauty except momentarily beauty. A person wears expensive clay beads jewelry but with bag behavior; and the other wears discount Christmas but with refined behavior, which one would you prefer? Contrary to expectation, common sense of the appearance charm is still disproved of the fake beauty, not to mention plastic surgery is harmful to people’s health. To begin with, one’s outer beauty will fade quickly as time goes by, but one’s inner beauty will always shine. Elisabeth Ross had said “people are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in; their true beauty is revealed only if there are lights from within”. 

In addition, different people have different views on beauty. For example, some people appreciate small eyes, whereas others adore big one. People nowadays boast all kinds of taste for beauty, so one can never become absolutely beautiful, because there will always be opposite opinions. Finally, plastic surgery has side effects which hurt one’s health; sometimes it is risky to life. And if the bad result happens, the effects on body are irreversible. Life is a valueless treasure, we should be grateful for it instead of risk it for illusionary prettiness.

In a nutshell, a delicate face is merely a shell. Self-cultivation, good manner and rich knowledge make people more attractive. Beautiful appearance doesn’t make one superior due to various sense of beauty. Even if you believe beauty comes first, cosmetic surgery should never be considered, that is because it associates with all kinds of risks. A tiny mistake can give rise to irreversible damage to one’s body, and even may cause death. One’s appearance is a gift of parents; everyone can become beautiful as long as you have a positive attitude toward life and appreciate what you already have. All in all, cosmetic surgery is not the only way to beauty, inner beauty is much more important.

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