Benefits of Drama Enrichment for Children

Apr 7


Nicholas Joo

Nicholas Joo

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What are the benefits of drama for children? In this article, we explore 7 benefits children can potentially receive when they undergo drama enrichment programs.


When it comes to children,Benefits of Drama Enrichment for Children Articles they require creative freedom to thrive. It allows them to express their imagination and take their creativity to the next level. It helps the brain make new connections between nerve cells, which is crucial for children.

That is why it is vital to offer some drama enrichment or play outlet to your children to boost their creativity. Here are the top benefits of drama enrichment in a child’s development.

  1. Healthy Brain Development

75% of our brain is developed after we are born from childhood to our early twenties. That is why the earliest stages are crucial to creating a healthy brain connection between nerve cells. When it comes to drama enrichment and play, the connection between nerve cells is developed and strengthened.

That is what helps a child develop gross motor skills such as coordination, walking, jumping, and fine motor skills such as detailed handwork and writing. That is why it is crucial to enrich your child's life with drama. It will allow the brain to develop more connectivity in the frontal lobe.

  1. Enhances Intelligence

Early childhood drama and play are associated with having a higher intelligence later in life. So, the earlier you enrich your child's life with drama, the higher their intelligence will be. A study by the University of Arkansas reveals that offering toys to infants to play with leads to higher IQ levels by age three.

Many other studies have also revealed that playing enhances a child’s cognitive, social, and linguistic development. Of course, all of this leads to a higher IQ and intelligence in life. So, if you want to ensure that your child is intelligent later in life, be sure to incorporate drama and play.

  1. Develops The Executive Function Of The Brain

The brain's executive function is related to skills that allow us to plan, organize, remember details, manage time and focus, and decide what is appropriate or not to say in a specific situation. Besides that, it also allows children to use past experiences and positively manage their emotions. All of these brain functions can be quickly developed with the help of drama and play.

Children with a developed executive brain function get along with others, do well in school, and have good decision-making skills. That is because drama and play give the workout your brain needs to fulfill these executive functions. That is why it is best to incorporate drama and play from an early age.

  1. Sparks Creativity

One of the most apparent benefits of drama enrichment is that it sparks creative freedom. Creativity is one of the best traits to have as it ensures creative ideas and open thinking. Many studies have shown from time to time that children engaging in play and drama are more creative.

Besides drama, it is also crucial to offer children free play. It encourages them to explore their own creativity by designing games or anything else that sparks their interest. It helps children use creativity as one of the best tools in their arsenal in the long run.

  1. Enhances Communication And Language Skills

There is a significant link between drama and play in childhood with later communication skills. A study done by the University of Georgia found that kindergartner children engaging in play, especially pretend play, had better performance in writing, language, and pre-reading. In the same way, many studies prove the link between drama and communication skills.

Pretend-play such as drama is the most beneficial because it gives children the chance to practice language and communication. That is because the children reciprocate each other's actions and words to come to agreements. So, if you want to develop language and communication skills, drama is the best way to do that.

  1. Emotion Regulation

Emotions can be overwhelming and hard to control, especially when it comes to children. That is why it is essential to teach them from an early age to regulate their emotions to manage them better. For example, a well-regulated child will be patient, able to resist the temptation to grab things, and persist during strenuous activities.

In a study done in New Zealand by psychologists, it was revealed that children who engaged in more pretend play with caregivers were better at regulating emotions. Doing this also allowed them to continue to play and engage in such creative activities. In the long run, successful emotion regulation is crucial for social and academic success.

  1. Increases Empathy And Social Competence

If there is one trait everyone can benefit from in the world, it is empathy, as we need more of it in our daily lives. Drama allows children to socialize and get along with their peers. It helps children to understand other people better and offer empathy in times of difficulty.

On the other hand, children engaging in drama and play are also more socially competent. That is because drama is an opportunity for children to learn social interactions and learn to cooperate, develop self-control, and negotiate with their peers. Socialization is one of the most critical components of childhood that determines the adult life of children.

Psychologists have done studies and found that play by preschoolers predicts their popularity and social skills. In the long run, it ensures that children are happy, thriving, and doing well in their social lives.  The effect of early childhood play and drama will last for years to come.

Final Words

These are the top benefits of drama enrichment in the development of children. It is vital to ensure the healthy development of the brain in the early years, and drama can help in the best possible way. It allows better communication, social skills, language skills, motor skills, and much more.

The benefits of drama enrichment in early childhood will last till the adult life of your kid. So, ensure that you incorporate this play into your child’s life with other children for the best results. You will notice that your child will become more creative, intelligent, and socially competent.