Trench Burberry Knotted Tumbled Leather Sandal

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As the 2010 spring is not that far away, I guess we would better hunt for some chic fashion accessory. As I see it, spring is most show off season. Besides this beautiful dress, convenient T-shirt and multicolor fashion jewelry, a pair of trench high-heel sandal would be necessary for fashion lady like you. It is not suitable to choose a pair of dazzling sandals to steal the wind of other accessories. Instead, the most suitable shoe should be comfortable for wearing and high enough for a lift to height and mood as well. If you agree with these above words, this pair of trench Burberry Knotted Tumbled Leather Sandals is for you.

This pair of designer shoes asks for as much as 595.00 Euros. It is a little bit pricy,Guest Posting but it would be timeless and endurable for years. I am especially like the soft knotting on instep and around ankle detail on this tumbled leather sandal, which features self fabric plague at ankle embossed with the Burberry logo and leather insole embossed with the Burberry logo. The stacked wooden and anti slip rubber heel can be worn very comfortably. How do you like this pair for sandals?

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