What is the Cause of Female Infertility

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If you are women and facing a hard time conceiving a baby then it must be happening because of infertility issues. There is much reason which causes female infertility.  

Infertility is a type of reproductive system problem in which a couple cannot able to achieve pregnancy with the natural process. This issue nowadays is a very big issue which is affecting more than 20% of couples. To perfectly know if you have an infertility issue or not you should visit an IVF doctor but first at least try 1 year for concaving baby naturally and if you are still not able to conceive a baby then visit a doctor for more in-depth info.

Many people do think that infertility is a women’s issue but this is not true. Men can also have this issue there are many malefactors that cause infertility issues. But this is true that in some cases women have this is more than male. But this is not a reason to blame anyone and sometimes both men and women have this infertility issue. So do not blame and support each other in this issue that is the best way to improve your chances of pregnancy.

There is much reason that can affect women’s reproductive system : -

  • Smoking
  • Age
  • Being overweight or underweight
  • Stress
  • Poor diet
  • Excess alcohol use
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Athletic training
  • Hormonal changes
  • Embryo quality
  • Fallopian tubes
  • Unhealthy eggs

These are some factor that causes female infertility issue. And if you think you have any of this issue then you can visit IVF doctor for IVF treatment.

Major Cause of Female Infertility Issue : -

Obesity: - If a woman carrying around extra weight then it is a direct cause of infertility issue. Because obesity can affect hormone productions and this will make your pregnancy harder because more the weight you gain the more are chances of decreased ovarian function. Also,Guest Posting don’t think to begin too thin can help you with pregnancy. To maintain your weight focus on your BMI sees how much weight is good for you. Only then you will able to have a successful pregnancy.

Age: - There many reasons why you are not getting pregnant but the most obvious one is age. Any couple who is above the age of 35 can have this issue. There are many reasons why any women can have this kind of issues but one of the most common is egg quality and fertilization ability. This does not mean that you can only have babies in your early 30s it just becomes a bit complex process.

Family History and Chemicals: - If you are suffering from infertility issues then it can be because of your family medical history you can ask your mom about this problem that if she ever had this kind of issue or late pregnancy-related issue. Because if your mom does have this kind of issue that means you not this issue biologically so visit a doctor and ask for help.

One more reason that can affect infertility issues is chemicals like pesticides, pollutants, and industrial compounds can lower your chances of pregnancy and increase your infertility issue or inability to get pregnant.

Smoking and Alcohol: - Nowadays when smoking and alcohol is becoming common the infertility issue is also because up to 13% of infertility case caused by smoking and alcohol because Cigarette, Alcohol damage hormones also there are very high chances of ovulation disorders from alcohol if women drink heavily.

Extreme exercise: - Work-out helps you to get stronger not only from outside but from inside also. But there is an issue when you are trying to get pregnant than doing too much exercise can be bad for your ovulation. So keep your exercise low and sweet so it can benefit you.


These are some point that causes female infertility and if you think you are an infertility couple then do visit the best IVF centre in Delhi because only the best IVF doctor and IVF clinic can help you in infertility issue. Any other doctor can solve this problem so do visit the best IVF doctor if you see any of this infertility issue.

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