5 Reasons NOT to Accept Guest Posts

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Guest posts are a great way for site owners to introduce different perspectives to their blog readers!
A guest blog post also gives the site owner a break from writing but these proposals MUST maintain certain conditions!
Here are 5 reasons you should 'reconsider' your guest blog post offers since they may serve you more harm than good!

Guest posts are a great way for site owners to introduce different perspectives to their blog readers! This popular strategy also gives the site owner a much needed break from writing and that's a huge plus! On the other hand however there are some very valid reasons why you should NOT accept a guest blog post if you are the site administrator!

Having said that here are 5 reasons you should 'reconsider' your guest blog post offers since they may serve you more harm than good!

Not Relevant

Many who propose to write a guest blog post fail to offer content that is relevant to your site since their focus is primarily on getting traffic! This does you little good since as the site administrator you want to be sure you offer value to your blog readers! These are good proposals to walk away from because they serve little purpose for you or the guest blogger!

Not Readable

Whether it is grammatical errors or improper formatting your posts must NOT 'challenge' readers! It makes little difference as to who actually composed the entry since the impression it leaves WILL reflect upon YOU! Proof read every proposal to determine if it's an easy read or one that your blog readers may struggle trying to understand!


Some posting 'ideas' sound great however if the 'finished product' fails to make a solid point or at least educate and/or entertain viewers in some way,Guest Posting it's useless! This is often something that occurs when the person pitching the proposal has little experience writing blogging entries! Don't disregard these people completely however when they make future proposals since their writing skills typically improve over time!

Proposal Not Optimized

When posting anything to your platform you always want the content to be properly optimized with the right keywords use and placement! This serves to bring you more search engine traffic while increasing your rankings! When somebody offers or proposes a guest blog post for you to place on your site it should be properly optimized or it won't bring them or you traffic, plain and simple!

You're Already Established

For the most part guest blogging serves not only to offer blog readers a different perspective on subject matter of interest to them but to also help generate traffic! If you're already a 'happy camper' in terms of the following you have, it typically does not take frequent but only quality posting to keep your people satisfied! Not to be overlooked is the fact it does take time to filter through all the requests! Being most bloggers already have a very busy schedule, adding to it by filtering through posting proposals you don't need or want makes little sense!

As beneficial as guest posts can be for site owners looking to expose their blog readers to different perspectives, certain 'conditions' must still be met! The 5 reasons reviewed above are the 'conditions' every guest blog post proposal must meet to be published on your site! Remember it's YOUR blog readers therefore you have the right and responsibility to deny any post proposal that doesn't meet these conditions! In the end it's your reputation that's put at risk by any ill-prepared content that hasn't been thoroughly screened before it is accepted and published on your site!

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