Top 5 Best Dermatologist in Pakistan

Oct 28


Dr. Kashif Ali

Dr. Kashif Ali

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In this article, we have mentioned the top 5 best dermatologists in Pakistan. Through this article, you can easily get know-how about which dermatologist is good for you and which is not. So, let's take a look.


In Pakistan,Top 5 Best Dermatologist in Pakistan Articles there are a lot of best dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. After doing a deep analysis, we have extracted and placed them in the top 5 dermatologists in Pakistan’s list.

Having beautiful skin is a dream of every human being. But due to excessiveness in global warming and pollution, we’re seeing a lot of skin problems on a daily basis. From sun-burns to dark patches, acne to blemish, in short, these skin problems have made us visit a dermatologist, monthly, or on a yearly basis to obtain the desired skin. 

The dermatologists, we are going to mention below are very experienced and well-qualified doctors. You can trust them with your eyes closed. Due to their struggles and astonishing researches in the field of dermatology, have made our country proud in the whole world. So, without wasting more time, let’s explore the top 5 best dermatologists in Pakistan.

The top 5 Best Dermatologists in Pakistan are

1 – Professor Dr. Kashif Ali

As an expert in the field of dermatology and skincare, Consultant Cosmetologist, he has done his graduation from Khyber Medical College. After completing the surgical training, he has got certification from Truman Emergency Center, the biggest organization in aesthetic medicine and dermatology at the University of London to turn into the best dermatologist in Pakistan. After completing the master’s degree, he has started training in gynecology, to learn & master the art of aesthetic gynecology from the University of London. Then he has started training in sexual and reproductive health. After that, he has got a membership in the college of the family physician of Canada.

His motivating story doesn't end here. Other than being a position holder in dermatology, he is an outstanding entrepreneur who has built up Dr. Kashif’s Aesthetic Studio the Aesthetic Skincare Clinic in the core of Peshawar, Pakistan and is viably running and dealing his skincare clinic with the plan to serve his customers to inspire and providing them healthy skin and best dermatology services in Pakistan.

Clinic Address: 17-A Chinar Road, Opposite NUML, University Town, Peshawar.

Book Your Appointment at 0345-5107075 / 091-5701100


2 – Professor Dr. Syed Atif Hasnain Kazmi

Dr. Syed Atif Hasnain Kazmi finished his MBBS, BSc, MCPS, and MD with extraordinary differentiation. He is directly the President of the "Pakistan Association of Dermatologists" notwithstanding that he is additionally a Professor. This isn't all, he is likewise the head of the division of dermatology at "Ruler Edward Medical university" and "Mayo Hospital", Lahore.Treatment/Skills. He offers various administrations including, Whitening Treatment, Whitening Injections, Vampire Facial, Skin Tone Improvements, RF for Skin Tightening, Removal of Moles and Warts, PRP Derma Pen, Nail Infections, Hydra Facials, Electrocautery, Double Chin Treatment, CIT for Skin Tightening, and Scar Treatment and Burns Surgery. Having said that he additionally has a great deal of involvement with treating Acne, Annual Skin Screening, Anti-Aging Treatment, Botox Treatment, Dermabrasion, Dermatology Consultation, Dermatology Follow Up, Eczema, Epidural Pain Relief for Childbirth. He likewise uses laser strategies for Filler Treatment, Hair Loss, Laser air Removal, Laser Resurfacing, Mohs Surgery, Mole screening/Treatment, Psoriasis, Rash, and Wart Freezing.

Among the Top 5 Dermatologist, Prof. Dr. Syed Atif Hasnain Kazmi makes his career being a famous dermatologist, Laser Specialist, and Cosmetologist. He is not just in Pakistan yet in addition clearing his way through to be comprehensively a notable specialist. Being an able PMDC part he won his lifetime accomplishment grant on fourteenth August 2009. He is likewise an author, having distributed four books. Sharing his experience and giving bits of knowledge about his career as a specialist and different fields he practices in.

Clinic: 48 Ahmed Block, New Garden Town

Phone: (042) 35863868 / 5831596

Mobile: 0300-844084

3 – Dr. Muhammad Naeem Iqbal

Presently, Dr. Muhammad Naeem Iqbal is the head of the department at Kulsoom Bai Valika Social Security Hospital, S.I.T.E Karachi, Pakistan. Also working as the Ex-General Secretary of the Pakistan Association of Dermatologists.

Clinic Address:

House No-5 K.V.S.S Hospital Manghopir Road, Site Karachi, Sindh   

Phone: 021-2576434

4 – Dr. Khurram Mashir

He is also a well-known dermatologist in Pakistan. He did his MBBS from the Dow University of Health Sciences and went to the UK for additional examinations. He has a confirmation in dermatology and has done MSc from the University of Wales Along with medical treatments, he also suggests home remedies for skincare. But visiting the clinic is much better.  He is a notable and experienced Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, and Cosmetic Surgeon. Who is additionally a known model and has noteworthy media appearances in Pakistan. He has done a ton of shows on TV about Health issues and Beauty Tips which have increased noteworthy consideration among the watchers and individuals who moved toward him actually with skin issues. Alongside that, he likewise expounded and recommended home solutions for skin issues and other magnificence related worries of extensive importance.


Availability: FRIDAYS ONLY.

Book Your Appointment at 021-5868999

5 – Dr. Naseema Kapadia

She is also the very-well known consultant dermatologist in Pakistan at Agha Khan University Hospital. She has also done a lot of researches in the dermatology field. She has years of experience in teaching and consultancy. She did her MBBS and FCPS from Dow Medical College with unique excellence. She has demonstrated incredible eagerness in her expert excursion as a dermatologist which ends up being clever for Aga khan University Hospital, Abbasi Shaheed, and Taj clinical complex. The associations as well as the individuals profited having such a dermatologist around who is expertly talented and experienced in her field. As of late, she has been working with ABBASI SHAHEED HOSPITAL

She is a specialist and is gifted in treating differing facials including hydra. Notwithstanding that she additionally has great information on the most proficient method to utilize laser and CIT for skin fixing, skin inflammation, scars, and pigmentation.

Clinic Address: Abbassi Shaheed Hospital Shahrah-e-Shehr Shah Suri Block 5 Nazimabad Karachi

Timing: Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 9 am- 1 pm

Phone Number: (021) 9926-0401, (021) 9926-0402, (021) 9926-0403, (021) 9926-0404, (021) 99260405-9