A Letter Written to Myself

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in the letter, I express my wished to behave better in the world. Hope you will do as well as me.

   A Letter Written to Myself

   Dear myself,Guest Posting please to live for yourself proudly today, love myself better because nobody here will love you.

   Dear myself, do not mind too much about some things, let things happen as it is will be the best way for you to deal with. Actually the world is so unfair, usually the things you care most are with no value at all.

Dear myself, do not be too strict with myself, e.g. no food, weeping, self-contained, depression, are things that fools will do.

Dear myself, I can find a corner or a quilt for weeping if unhappy, I do need not others’ sympathy and pity, I shall continue my happy life after weeping.

Dear myself, I will learn to control my emotions, it is nonsense for you to lose tempers to others or blow myself top.

Dear myself, you can be disappointed, never desperation, you should always remember that tomorrow is another day.

Dear myself, you should no always think to rely on others, even owning extravagant hopes that there will be some one for you when you are in trouble, actually nobody here should take responsibility for you.

Dear myself, you should not always make promises to others because the promises will be debts you owe.

Dear yourself, in the world there is only something that will never be recalled, never something that will not pass away.

Dear myself, If others do good for you, you should do good for them twice. If others do bad for you, you should also good to them because this only shows that you are not good enough.

Dear myself, no matter how cruel the world is, you should firmly believe that this is just the darkness before daybreak.

Dear myself, you should not grasp memory forever, if the kite has lost its strings, you should let it fly, let it off, actually this is just to let yourself off.

Dear myself, there is only one in the world, even there is nobody will appreciate yourself, you should also love yourself well, behaving as what you are really.

Dear myself, please be friendly to those who are around you, because love may be for one period while friendship can be kept for your whole life.

Dear myself, you should find something, excepting love, which will make you stay on ground firmly.

Dear myself, please remember to look at sky frequently, remember to look at what is under your foot when looking at the sky.

Dear myself, please believer your intuition, do not get a rise out of others or be got a rise by others.

Dear myself, please do not keep shady relationship with others, this is not a game that you can play with!

Dear myself, do not be too low profile, sometimes you should be more valiant, when having been bullies, you should require back what belongs to you originally. But you should not bear grudges in heart, let ideas of mean persons bygone, pity will make your nobler.

Dear myself, you should be happy, optimistic, tough, warm, which has nothing to do with your characters.

Dear myself, you should be confident, even a little self-love, you should always remind yourself that you are worthy to possess all the best things in the world.

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a letter for myself, I want to behave better in the world. Hope you will do as well as me.

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